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In terms of the differences in titles seen on this page:
Squire - This is normally a person learning under a Knight or Dragoon.
Apprentice - This can be person learning under a Guild Master, a Warmaster or a Blademaster.

Squire Agnarr, Squire Xemeo, Squire (Sir) Horus, Squire (Sir) Vak, and Squire (Dame) Volpen at WPO 2014. Photo by fiddlefoot foto
Squire Arlinn Wolfslied, the Northern Wolf (Presently Sir Collister, at time of photo Sir Glass), Squire (Dragoon)Antoinette (Dragoon Dopp), Squire Tonks (Sir Killian), and Jorge (was a squire at the time) "Canadian Squires" at Giants Awakening 7. Photo by Tess.


--taken from the wikipedia entry for "squire"

In medieval times a squire was a man-at-arms in the service of a knight, often as his apprentice.

The English squire comes from the Old French escuier, itself derived from the Late Latin scutarius - "shield bearer." The Latin equivalent is armiger.

A squire was originally a person who aspired to the rank of knighthood and who, as part of his development to that end, served an existing knight as his attendant or shield carrier (hence the name). However, during the middle ages the rank of esquire came to be recognized in its own right and, once knighthood ceased to be conferred by any but the monarch, it was no longer to be assumed that any esquire would in due course progress to be a knight. The connection between a squire and any particular knight also ceased to exist, as did any shield carrying duties.

Within Belegarth

A Squire is often given specific tasks to complete before being knighted. See Squire Tasks for examples. Common trials for squires involve weapons construction, combat endurance, and combat proficiency. Squires will also commit to service, volunteering at Events and performing duties in their Realm.
To denote their rank, a white tabbard, usually adorned with their knight's heraldry, will be worn. Sir Martin of Numenor was the first to wear the white and Sir Angmarth of Numenor was the first to adorn his tabard with his knight's heraldry. Some lineages of knights prefer war banners or other variations to indicate status.

An Apprentice is also given specific tasks to complete before being made a Warmaster.

"Warmaster is a title that was created to specifically recognize monsters who have already contributed to the Belegarth community & shown great prowess on the field, or those monsters who show the potential to. While each Warmaster has different things they're looking for in their apprentices, a driving theme is the ability to drop an apprentice anywhere in the country and have them start a functioning and successful realm." ~ The Warmaster's Wiki Page

Warmaster Soo Ma Tai was titled by Sir Cedric and created the Peerage of the Warmasters.

For those on the path to peerage in the Guilds, please see the Artificer Guild, Chronicler Guild, and Seneschal Guild pages.

Current Squires and Apprentices

Please Note: This list is by no means inclusive of all of the Squires and Apprentices in Belegarth. These are the squires and apprentices known to the page maintainer. If you are a squire or an apprentice please either add yourself to the list or find Squire Antoinette on Facebook or the Belegarth forums.

Sir Fox with his Squires (Sir) Vael and Moto at Spring Wars 2014. Photo by Antoinette
The Squires of the Realm of Dur-Demarion. Left to Right: Squire (Sir) Talon (Sir Jikanta), Squire Shinji (Sir Mefit), Squire Bran(Sir Tinman), Squire Arshank (Sir Rigtaugh ) and Squire Tandaar (Sir Dev)
Squire Squire's Realm Squired To Knight's Realm
Pheo Pyke Dragoon Shino Pyke
Morrigan Pyke Dragoon Shino Pyke
Veithryn Pyke Dragoon Sare Pyke
Chicken Nomadic Sir Kyrian Andor
Winter Andor Sir Kyrian Andor
Cohen Grey Haven Sir Kyrian Andor
Unicorn Andor Sir Kyrian Andor
Tordek Hardiron Moria Sir Kyrian Andor
Static Sand Plains Sir Dameon Fractured Lands
Summit Sand Plains Sir Killian Wolfpack
Hollis Dunharrow Sir Killian Wolfpack
Moto Sand Plains Sir Fox Wolfpack
Xyston Northrend Sir Fox Wolfpack
Tenchi Dunharrow Sir Morbian Dunharrow
Noodle Dunharrow Sir Melannen Dunharrow
Hårdgrim Monachium Sir Melannen Dunharrow
Chico Dunharrow Sir Cidion Dunharrow
Duracell Sand Plains Sir Morbian Dunharrow
Xemeo Dunharrow Sir Borric Numenor
Fury Numenor Sir Húrin Numenor
Lisander Numenor Sir Zaknafein Numenor
Mudd Nomadic Sir Sarif Numenor
Torm Numenor Sir Albrich Numenor
Dane Numenor Sir Peter the Quick Numenor
Moxk Dunharrow Sir Peter the Quick Numenor
Hobbit Ered Duath Sir Peter the Quick Numenor
Steele Sir Peter the Quick Numenor
Matthias Briarwood Sir Torrence Numenor
Kharylle Numenor Sir Kegg Numenor
Siafu Dur-Demarion Sir Treethump Numenor
Raccoon Avalon Sir Tinman Avalon
Aethan Eryndor Sir Mick Avalon
Arlinn Wolfslied, the Northern Wolf Northrend Sir Collister Avalon
Timber Dunharrow Ser Karr Wynesson Obsidian Hollow
Naga Rath Sir Par Rath
Stitch Ered Duath Sir Par Rath
Buliwyf Shannara Sir Par Rath
Sin Rath Sir Rem DeLavan Rath
Kell Rath Sir Rem DeLavan Rath
Braxxus Ebonhold Sir Rem DeLavan Rath
Hyde Rath Sir Diomedes Rath
Rey Kamigawa Dragoon Itan Rath
Sarca Babylon Dragoon Itan Rath
3 Bears Grey Haven Sir Juggernaut Grey Haven
Fish Unknown Dragoon Elerosse Pyke
Adarian Bardishaw Rath Dragoon Elerosse Pyke
Scuba Steve Rath Dragoon Slate Pyke
Wulf Babylon Dragoon Slate Pyke
Avianna Rath Dragoon Dopp Highlands of Chaos
Eui Stygia Sir Thiadric Thumbs Stygia
Theon Ebonhold Sir Thiadric Thumbs Stygia
Aine SilverSun Stygia Sir Thiadric Thumbs Stygia
Angys Stygia Warmaster Soo Ma Tai Stygia
Jesus Unknown Warmaster Soo Ma Tai Stygia
Fafhrd Thunder Guard Sir Elendiel Dur-Demarion
Santiago Ozarks Sir Viper Dur-Demarion
Arshank Dur-Demarion Sir Rigtaugh Dur-Demarion
Gaston Shannara Sir Leaf Autummsonge Ebonhold
Kayle Rhun Sir Peregrine Muxlovia
Evara Muxlovia Sir Peregrine Muxlovia
Gypsie Rose Muxlovia Sir Peregrine Muxlovia
Gabriel Nightfort Sir Chimera Muxlovia
Frith Tir Asleen Sir Chimera Muxlovia
Agnarr Dunharrow Sir Beauregaurd Rhun
Kaia Kreya Armstrong Sunspear Sir Darth Cheeseheart Stronghold
T-Bird Sword Coast Sir Darth Cheeseheart Stronghold
Jin Stygia Warmaster Valas Hune Somewhere in Pennsylvania
Tink Blood Moon Bay Warmaster Zeldrine Cold Acheron
Mordred Morva Sir Vak Morva
Scry Morva Sir Vak Morva
Bammock Morva Sir Tails Morva
Achilles Ebonhold Warmaster Kord Behemoth Grove
Maple Nomadic Sir Guts Slums of Shaolin
Faenor Dunharrow Sir Guts Sums of Shaolin
Faline Wolfpack Sir Templehoff and Sir Chimera Pendragon Grond and Muxlovia
Hixa Grond Syr Hubris High Spires
Igua Korriban Sir Ra Sunspear
Kaida Sunspear Sir Ra Sunspear
Wisteria the Scarecrow Barad'Dun Sir Acrid the Scarecrow Barad'Dun
Snow Ered Duath Sir Horati Nomadic
Wrentok Sir Rune Mittelmarch
Giggles Sir Luci
Sporkypop Sir Graffiki
Boomii Ashlands Sir Tyriel
Za’en Sage Hill Sir Kai of Sage Hill Northern Steppes
Nickoli Avalon Sir Kai of Sage Hill Northern Steppes
Cedric Einherjar/Pentwyvern Sir Kai of Sage Hill Northern Steppes
Bug Dunharrow Paladin Caelidh Grond
Jarvis Nomadic Dame Black Rabbit
Train Grey Haven Dame Black Rabbit
Nea Dur-Demarion Syr Talon Dur-Demarion
Cornix Dur-Demarion Syr Talon Dur-Demarion
Vander Dur-Demarion Syr Talon Dur-Demarion
Davlon Dur-Demarion Sir Jakanta Dur-Demarion
Ink Dur-Demarion Sir Jakanta Dur-Demarion
Mellori Dur-Demarion Sir Jakanta Dur-Demarion
Pippin Numenor Sir Misti
Galvin Barad'Dun Sir Galaxy the Benevolent of Barad'Dun Barad'Dun
Desi Avalon Sir Forrest Avalon
Ember Anduril Sir Yuri Andor
Hob Tir Asleen Syr Argent Tir Asleen
Aodhan Dur-Demarion Super Bran Dur-Demarion
Dymphna Dur-Demarion Super Bran Dur-Demarion
Khnor Dur-Demarion Super Bran Dur-Demarion
Revelle Numenor Sir Treethump Numenor
Tarnis Lockhart Dunharrow Sir Farrin Dunharrow
Avarice Albion Apprentice Sir Daemon Albion
Erily Apprentice Sir Daemon Albion
Wayward Blademaster Luster
Mongoose Ancient Wharf Sir Gorg the Blacksmith Ancient Wharf

Below is a list of people listed on this page before the page was reformatted. If you are one of these fighters or known of these fighters, please let the page maintainer know if you/they are still a squire.

Squire (Sir) Peanut and Squire (Sir) Tails at WPO 2014. Photo by fiddlefoot foto

Squire: Ohtar Minyenye
Knight: Sir Daemarth
Unit: Henneth-Annun

Squire: Skeet
Knight: Sir Soth

Squire: Dacian
Knight: Sir Bulvife
Realm: Khatovar

Western Squires at Battle for the Ring X (2018). Photo Credit: Warmaster Kord
Western Squires, Warmaster Apprentices and Guild Apprentices at Battle for the Ring X (2018). Photo Credit: Warmaster Kord
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