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Watchmen of Ered Duath


About Ered Duath

Realm Information

Founded: 1991

Founder: Jay Barnson, aka Vagabond Dark of the Aratari

Current Active Members: 50+

Average attendance per week: Usually 20 or so at practices after 8pm

The Watchmen of Ered Duath History

Dagorhir-style fighting reached the Provo, Utah area in 1991, when Jay Barnson, aka Vagabond Dark of the Aratari, moved to Utah from the Maryland.

He initially gathered a small band of interested people, each armed with a single one-handed sword; they adopted a set of rules similar to those used in Dagorhir and called themselves BattleGuard.

This group expanded, both in the number of warriors involved and in the number and type of weapons they created and used (even developing shields!), and in the summer of 1996 they fully adopted the Dagorhir rules and registered under the name "The Watchmen of Ered Duath" (The Watchmen of the Shadow Mountains, as the translation goes).

In the Fall of 2001 Lots of Political Strife caused Dagorhir to split. This Ended with One Group "Owning Dagorhir" and the Other 2/3s of the people Created Belegarth - Medieval Combat Society where one group of persons does not own the sport but we collectively own it.

Currently, The Watchmen comprise of the Belegarthians living in the Utah County area.

The current rivals of Ered Duath, is the realm to the North, Aquilonia, aka The Red Hand.

Units Represented

Current Council Members



Frequency: Weekly (every Thursday)
Practice Starts: Second Thursday of March weather permitting
Time: 7:00pm to 11:00pm while weather permits


We practice at North Park by the Pioneer Museum. An approximate map is at [Google Map]. Our field of battle is near the mark on the map on the East side of the street.

Realm Events


Annually, Ered Duath hosts Yestare. A three day regional event for any and all fighters who wish to join. Usually held the end of april to may, Yestare attracts fighters from many of the western Realms.

Demon Wars

Anually, Ered Duath hosts Demon Wars. Currently a one day even for any and all fighters who wish to add a light roleplay to their gaming experience. You can find the roleplay on the Belegarth boards under the Roleplay section. Will be usually held in August.

Contact Information


[Facebook page]



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