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Unit: Dark Angels

Realm: Numenor

Fighting Style: Bat and Wall, Red Sword, Ball and Wall

Starting in 1999 in Ohio, Sir Misti the Brave was squired to Sir Chance the Tall in 2002. She bears lineage tracing back to the founding of her home realm Avalon. She was subsequently knighted in 2004 and has relocated to the realm of Numenor. There, she has continued to demonstrate her qualities and perpetuate the success of all Belegrim. Sir Misti the Brave is well known for her small stature and large heart. She has been called fearless, fierce and a force to be reckoned with. The Knighthood she displays with humility is simply something no one questions.

Sir Misti is a Dark Angel. Her career in Belegarth has always been aligned with connection to the unit group known as the Triad. She bore the Brotherhood of the Falcon sash for many years and was welcomed with open arms by her long-time compatriots the Dark Angels.

She was knighted a second time as a Heroic Knight of Numenor at Armageddon XX in 2023.

The Dark Angels regard Sir Misti with great respect. She brings great honor to her allies by joining them on the field of battle. She is fiercely held as a key piece of the Dark Angels' collective talents, as well she deserves.

                                                                                    -Snotbelly the Goblyn
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