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Total 'Song of Ice and Fire' Nerds

Portland, OR
Total Members: ~25
Age Requirement: 16

Practice Location:
Practice occurs (typically) weekly. Location and time are announced on Pyke's Facebook page. All members of Pyke are empowered to host an official practice.

Realm Leaders: Morrigan and Eui

War Council Reps: BEAR and Aleksii

Realm History

In 2010, Pyke rose from the ashes of Cronus which had long before fallen dormant, a victim of brunch and partying. A beacon of hope for cross-gamers, Pyke accepts into its ranks all who wish to hit fellow nerds with foam swords. Pyke won for itself the Mantle of the Empire at the 2nd Annual Western Wars XI, and will lead into battle the armies of the Babylon Empire at Chaos Wars 19. But how long will Pyke's domination of the Empire continue?

The name was taken from George R. R. Martin's The Song of Ice and Fire series, and the sigil of the kraken was adopted from the same source. That's what happens when fantasy literature nerds name your realm.

Pyke got off of its collective ass and gained War Council Speaking Rights in October 2014, then Elder Voting Realm status in July 2015. Belegarth will never be the same.


Realm Cloak - CW 18
Mantle of the Empire - 2nd Annual Western Wars XI

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