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Seal of Andor

We are the Andorian, or "of the west", fighters of Belegarth. Our domain currently extends across all of San Diego County.

Andor is not a rigidly organized Realm. Much like pirate vessels in the Caribbean of the 17th Century, Andor exists as a loose democracy of mercenary fighters. Our fighters earn no special ranks, nor do they gain any sort of seniority; we are all equal. We elect members to take care of the administrative duties of our Realm, but we don't require our members to have allegiance to anyone but themselves. Instead, we ask only that our members take part in the camaraderie and mutual support that makes Andor strong. In Andor, we do what we can to reward those who make an effort to contribute to the group. Like all Mercenary Companies, the fighters of Andor are free to make their own way in the world of Belegarth - and enjoy the spoils, excitement, and adventure afforded by that freedom.

Every member of our Realm - starting on their very first day here - has an equal voice in what happens in Andor. We treat everyone as peers, regardless of age, gender, or fighting prowess. We are all brothers and sisters in arms in Andor, and all who support that spirit of brother- and sisterhood are welcome.


About Andor

Realm Information

Founded: 2003

Founders: Orion, Xooyan

Current Active Members: ~20

Average attendance per week: 10-15 during Winter, 15-25 during Summer (many are curious first-time fighters)

Units Represented

Elected Officers

Arch-Herald: Yuri
Field Commander: Char
Secretary: Delia

Veterans of Andor

The Realm of Andor recognizes members that go out of their way to support our realm and the sport of Belegarth. Those members who show the initiative and selflessness to contribute time and effort to the realm and sport are awarded a special belt flag and given the title of Veteran. Far, far from being an elitist club, being a Veteran of Andor confers no special powers or privileges, but instead means that the individual is a mentor, a volunteer, and cares about the success of the group. Being a Veteran doesn't mean that all of that person's time is spent volunteering and helping others, but it does mean that they have demonstrated the willingness to put themselves second when the Realm or Sport needs something to be done.

There are certain requirements to become a Veteran of Andor. These are:

  • Own his/her own garb and weapons
  • Have participated in the realm of Andor consistently for at least 1 year
  • Been a productive member of the realm, with an emphasis on helping progress the realm as a whole and not merely the self
  • Have conduct that upholds the standards of Andor in the eyes of the public and the community of Belegarth (i.e, don't embarrass the realm or sport)

And finally,

  • Taken responsibility for some portion of the realm, whether it be regularly checking weapons, being a foam smith, running an event, taking an officership position, or becoming the go to guy for conflict resolution. Services such as these demonstrate that you are not merely a participant in Andor, but an active supporter that keeps the Realm running each week.

The current Realm Veterans are:

Name Email Address Status
Aizen - Active
Char - Active
Delia - Active
Exile Of Andor - Ex Patria
Fideal - Ex Patria
Finn - Active
Gar - Inactive
Ledge - Active
Mimi - Inactive
Orion - Ex Patria
Outis - Active
Raf "Gamera" the Turtle - Inactive
Sieglatan - Ex Patria
Tesla - Active
Vash - Active
Wash - Active
Winter - Active
Xooyan - Ex Patria
Yuri - Active



Frequency: Weekly (every Sunday)

Winter (Dec - Feb) 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Spring (Mar - May) 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Summer (Jun - Aug) 1:00pm - 7:00pm
Fall (Sep - Nov) 1:00pm - 6:00pm


We practice at Morley Field in Balboa Park, down the hill, southeast of the pool. An approximate map is at [Google Map]. Our field of battle is near the mark on the map just south of the road.

Realm Events

Battle of Andor

Annually, Andor hosts The Battle of Andor, a one day regional event for any and all fighters who wish to join. Usually held the first weekend in March, The Battle of Andor attracts fighters from many of the western Realms, with southwestern Realms showing strong representation. Started in 2009, this regional event has been quickly growing in popularity.

Contact Information



Realm gathers for celebrations of a new year 2007
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