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Other Titles:

Realm: Shannara/Alvara
Unit: The Juggernauts
Preferred style: Sword and Board, with Javelin
Accolades: Chaos Lord of Khorne, Champion of Nurgle, Council of Malal, Squire to Sir Leaf, Pres'al dente' of Shannara, Friend of Beta -
Events Attended: Frozen Warriors, Highlands of Chaos Opener, Thaw Brawl 2016-2018, War of the Forbidding XIII & XIV, Chaos Wars XX-XXII, BftR X & XI, Border Wars, War of the Gate, Anigawa, T-Wald, Sam Hain

Gaston has been Fighting Since March/2015, No one welcomes witty page edits like Gaston.

Gaston is a tall and beautiful specimen of mankind that can only be described as "as perfect as mortals can aspire to be." He aims for an ever improving technique in his fighting, and one day hopes that we will be able to wield his pair of weapons with a perfect sense of harmony... rather like his thighs. Gaston has been known to break out into song at and join his fellow Juggernauts in their efforts of "being the party," rather than "going to the party."

In a more serious sense, Gaston is the Chaos Lord of Khorne, and as such he makes many of the calls for the Juggernauts on the battlefield. It isn't his fault that people look to him for leadership. He is Gaston. Compared with anyone else its no contest. You could ask any Tom, Dick, or Stanley and they'll tell you whose team they'd prefer to be on.

Gaston is also known for using antlers (and skulls) in all of his decorating. He is quite a guy, that Gaston!

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