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Fafhrd of Thunder Guard

Name: Fafhrd (Faf-hrd)

Titles: Chieftain of the Carrion Crusade and Member of Templar Draconis Kestevara

Actual Name: Carl Dumas

Realm: Thunder Guard

Units: Templar Draconis Kestevara

Army: Northern alliance

Fighting Styles: Florentine, sword and board, single blue, glaive

[1]Chronicle Journal article

Fighter History: Fafhrd joined Thunder Guard in July 2007 and in January 2008 was made Commander and Berserker of the Order of the Rose and Aide de Camp to Lord Lucifron. Since, he has grown to be a very active member. His height, ambidexterity and reach has given him a leg up on the battlefield and through competing in both Order of the Rose and Carrion crusade tournaments he has proven himself the Thunder Guard Grand Champion of the single blue combat, Order finalist and Crusade Champion of red combat, Realm Sword and Board Champion and blue division and red division finalist in 2008. In the 2009 Crusade tournament he took Single Blue Champion a third time, Florentine Champion and was a S/B and Archery finalist. He has won the most tournaments in Thunder Guard overall. He is an experienced foamsmith and has been involeved with several realm fundraising activities.

Since Lord Lucifron's step down from the leadership of the Order in Sept. 2008, Fafhrd has moved on as well and accepted the request to join the Carrion crusade as a Probationer.

Attending Oktoberfest 2008, Fafhrd also took his advancement trials within the Crusade earning through combat the ranks of Serf, then Warrior and finally Chieftain.

He attended Phoenix Rising 2009, held by the Order of the Eternal Flame in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

In September 2009 he discovered the 3-member Ottawa realm Nan Nehelduin and continues to support their growth in the sport.

At Oktoberfest 2009 he and Graven recieved invitations to join Templar Draconis Kestevara from Sir Satanaka and accepted.

Backstory: Fafhrd of the Cold Waste

I hate the gods. With every fibre of my being I loath them. Since I was born, in the hardlands far to the north, that hatred has only grown. Looking out across this land, carved from the mangled corpse of my ancestor, it sickens me. Raised in a small village, I am a decendant of the giants. The original race from which Odin and his children spawned and ran loose. This is one of their works. My people have been living under the harsh conditions of the northern waste for generations. We are stronger for it. Come the three winters before Ragnarok we will survive to help our giant brothers in the coming battle on the fields of Vigrid. The prophicies call for a great shift. A winter that will last for three winters, when all mortals will perish. Then sun and moon will be consumed by the wolves Skoll and Hati leaving the nine worlds in darkness. Midgard will then crack and sieze releasing the terrible wolf Fenris, who's likeness I bear proudly on my shield. When Fenris is loose, the serpent Jormagund will rise from the depths of the sea, poisoning the earth and sky and his ripples will set sail the warship of the giants. A second ship will set sail at this time from the depths of Hel, crewed by the dead wilth Loki at the helm. The gods will sound the alarm and the elves, deamons, dwarves and gods will take up arms and mass at Vigrid. My people plan to survive the winter. How I long to see that day when the sky is dark and the earth crumbles. Ragnarok: 'doom of the gods'. Odin has reigned for long enough. On that day he will fall to Fenris' mighty jaws. I plan to rejoin my brothers to bring them down.

Until then, I travel the land in search of challenge and combat; I train for Ragnarok.

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