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Former Seat of Power of the Babylon Empire (2002-2015)

Won Chaos Wars VIII Event Banner

Won Chaos Wars XV Realm Heirloom Cloak (With help from the rest of the Babylon Empire)

Won Battle for the Ring V 10 Man Bel Bowl Tournament. Shared with members of Tir na nOg and others

Bend, Oregon, USA

Founded: 2002
Founded by: Aphex
Members: 15-20
Usual practice: 5-15


Realm Leader - Kelik

Practice location: Alpenglow Park, Bend OR
When: Sundays @ 9 or 10 am

Please follow the FB page for confirmation on practice times!

Realms Under Babylon

Knights of Babylon Peerage

The Knights of Babylon is Babylon's knight peerage and serves as the regional knight and squire authority for Belegarth's Pacific Northwest realms. Sir Aphex is the first knight of Babylon. This lineage traces back to the Knights of the Highlands of Chaos.

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