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Welcome to our Community Portal
This area serves as a giant index of the BelegarthWiki. Please feel free to navigate through sections of the Wiki or create new ones.

Major Categories

  • Getting Started - Information for new members
  • Belegarth - What is Belegarth?
  • Book of War - Rules to play the game
  • Crafting - Food, drink, garb, anything crafting-related besides weapons or armor
  • Equipment - Weapons, Shields, Armor and all the other equipment used to play the game
  • Events - Events History and Descriptions
  • Games - Rules for Games of all varieties
  • Groups - Units, Houses, Guilds, and other community groups
  • Heraldry - A directory of all Belegarth Heraldry
  • Historical Records - Lineages, recruitment tools and other documentation
  • People - The people of Belegarth
  • Realms - Information on Chapters and Realms
  • Roleplaying - Fantasy races, their history, and interactions within Belegarth
  • Terminology - Terminology commonly heard on the Battlefield or at Belegarth events
  • Weapons Check - How to check weapons
  • Weapons Construction - Weapons Construction guides
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