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Killian face.jpg
Real Name : Steve Brown
Age: 26
Fighting since: Early 2000 (Wolfpack Opener)
Knighted: Spring War 07- Sir Morpheus

Sir Killian At Wolfpack Opener '08

about my self: Im a Liscensed And Trained Massage Therapist who is married to a wonderful woman, Traci, Whom Theros and Peter the quick fear :) Peter pissed himself once :) I love sword fighting and getting to see the many friends i have made from this sport. And yes i am employed currently by Games Workshop... As of September 2007 my wife gave me a wonderful son Named Brockton... he is lovingly called B-rock by all his uncles in hellhammer

Background reading from the journal of:

Killian Atreides

26yr old

Human Mercenary

It was no more than 5 years ago that I was thrusted into a world harsh and unknown to me. I was born a son of a noble man. My father, a knight of the Honor guard founded a noble house, house Atreides, this house was a training factory for mercenaries and Professional has been only four years since the tragedy and the fall of his glorious house.... I had been trained for 12 years by his weapons master in the ways of the professional soldier... until one hot may night... when the witching hour came so did the hordes of goblins and orks came to pillage my home lands.... the house stood and held the line valiantly...but the powers of the horde immense... they pushed through the castle gates we fought gloriously... my father fell to the backstabbing of a goblin.... or was it an ork? I no not when I saw what had happened to my father I went into a rage that I had never felt before it took me by storm as I hacked and demolished the horde wolf packs.... when it was all said and done.... I was the only one standing. Covered in the blood of my enemy I swore to kill every ork I come across.... THEY WILL ALL FALL BY MY HANDS or I will die trying I cried in agony over losing my family, my army, and my way of life so I gathered my belongings ... A mace crafted by my father and his shield and Armour and left on my sacred quest for revenge.... along my journeys I met a group of mercenaries called the Defenders Of The Stein. The defenders were a motley bunch consisting of Shylock, Emehem, Thuggz, Davit, and Krom and of course Skyfyre. In my time with this group I found a realm in which I was contracted to protect WILDWOOD. I joined them in their battles for many months.... after clearing all of the lands of those foul wretched creatures the time came to surrender my tabard back to the Defenders Of The Stein. In my journeys through the lands I came across a group of professional soldiers and a new house.... LEGION of House Manticore.... In Legion I found a new home and was accepted I became a Velite Gravis... Heavy skirmish Soldier.... I was Flank support that is my specialty... now after some time with legion I left and saw the need to become something I could not be in legion. I returned to find Defenders in shambles and stagnating so I returned to my unit and continued to fight the good fight along side my comrades...In my time fighting in the lands to the south, I grew fond of a house... surprisingly a house of chaos.... House Hellhammer led by the battle riddled fallen knight, Sir Arioch of Numenor.and it was to him I finally pledged my allegiance to. The Defenders of the Stein split shortly there after with the untimely death of Emehem, and the retiring of Shylock. Skyfyre left and traveled to lands far to the east and started a house so to say. Davit stayed in Wildwood and Krom left far to the west.... Varich my comrade from childhood came forth from my homelands and stood by my side in the house of chaos. With the house of chaos I fought for many months, and thorough tough blood, sweat and Fire we claimed Davit and a easterner known as Morisato Keiichi for the flames of chaos, time came for me to make the journey to Dur-Demarion and wage combat of the souls in its realm... this is where the first redeemer was found... Sir Girbhin Mac Gannon it was at this great event of Beltane that I partook in his trials and tribulations. Sir Lotek of Templar Draconis Kestevara, girbhins's knight was there to oversee his trials. The combat was fast and deadly and much was learned. The battle had been won and Davit and I returned to Wildwood as men of new strength and chaotic virtue... In the time to come we gained strength of sizeable force and number, and I grew love for a woman... so in turn I placed Pickles of house hellhammer in charge to lead our northern house of hellhammer to the flames of victory and I traveled far to the west to the lands of Gondor. A land untouched by chaos and flames...after a short time, Gondor fell in laps and the once great Orion and Xooyan fled far south … And this left me no recourse but to attempt to build a kingdom, one Forged in the ideals of my forefathers and to be strong and to crush the week opposition. With this new task at hand I had been informed the one of my brethren was to be traveling to the near Ports and would be helping me build this kingdom… a place forged in fire and strength… now whether or not we still call the lands Gondor is one thing… Days are turning to weeks, weeks to months, and soon months to years… the lands here are mystical and filled with great fighters. Hellmutt my brother has finally found his way to me and soon we will wage our war for the souls of the people of these lands. There is a church here that has caught my eye… only known as the Church of the Apocalypse this is where my hardest fought battle will be. Many great warriors does this church possess and the conversion of them to chaos will be a war waged for many eons I suppose. One point of note though we have found a stronghold on a peninsula to which we can work from to achieve our goals and start our campaign for these lands, Only the future knows what is in store for us… Alas we jump 3 years into the future, the chaos gods did not have plans for the forging of a mighty empire in the iron hills of the west, and so I was called back to the plains to find Hellhammer being a giant pool of in fighting and bickering and to see Sir Arioch with a lack of interest, Morisato Keiichi had taken to my position and became the sub commander of Hellhammer and I was fine with this. Davit had become a Headhunter (which I suppose could be like a knight) and, Keiichi and I have Become Shield and Hammer to the house (I before Keiichi). But Keiichi’s traditions called and he required to take a sabbatical and therefore we were left with out any command, I was told when I came home that things had changed and that I was unfit to lead anymore because I was unaware of the path of righteousness, this path led to the loss of many brothers to the Triad, a sorry note, but now with the rebolstering of Arioch’s interest we have gained many a new brother. I have also begun my first steps to knighthood, as Sir Morpheus of the High plains has taken me as a squire as well as our brother Fox. With in this time though we have converted him to the path and our cause and all is going well, Hellhammer shall be reborn like a glorious phoenix and strike down our enemies with flaming fervor. As we enter the winter of darkness and despair we shall see how we fair. Through the darkness of winter we have come with new zealousness and drive Sir Morpheus has joined the ranks of the house and we are coming upon a great day, spring shall hold many things to behold. Keiichi has returned from his sabbatical with a new found faith. He has walked the path of the four roads of chaos and has come to herald their paths as we forge a new Hellhammer we are each choosing a path to stride. I choose the path of The Unclean One Nurgle the god of death and decay; I walk this path with honor and hope to become the Beast of Hellhammer in the near future... as years passed and war were waged in the flames of chaos, I have taken the path of nurgle as my own and came under the tutelage of Sir Morpheus as his Squire along with my brother Fox we completed tasks set before us and became worthy of the blessings of Tzeentch and Canis we were made knights, during my time as a squire i had taken two retainers to drive their skills and prepare them for paths of true chaos. Zenith Darkheart and Dameon Orcenfol, both of which now are my squires and i continue to forge them with hatred and the fires of chaos..this leads to the visions of chaos now unfolding, Strength through Unity and Faith in the Flames to carry us into the future...

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