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Full name: Áine (Ahn-yuh) "Mildly-Threatening" SilverSun, she/her

Real name: Brianna Kienitz

Species: Raven shifter fae

Member since: August 2012

Realm: Stygia (Seneschal 2019, Vice President 2020, President 2021)

Unit: Seraphim of Stars

Acolyte of The Great Hunt: Nomad of Holly and Ash

Primary Fighting Styles: Florentine, Sword and Board

Woman-at-arms to Sir Oroku Norinaga, 2012-August 2013

Page to Sir Oroku Norinaga, Chaos Wars XVII, August 2013-May 2019

Page of the Order of the High Code, March 2019-May 2019

Retainer to Sir Thiadric Thumbs, June 2019-July 2019

Squire to Sir Thiadric Thumbs, July 2019-Present

Member of the Seneschal Guild

Events attended: Sam Hain VIII, Chaos Wars XVII and XXIII, Stygia Kill and Grill I, Frozen Warriors 2018, Highlands of Chaos Opener 2019, Thaw Brawl 2019, War of the Gate 2019,



Áine was born between the worlds of the Tuatha Dé Danann [1] and the mundane, to her fae mother and her human father. Shortly thereafter, Áine's mother was killed in one of the many conflicts between the Seelie and Unseelie fae courts, leaving Gearóid Fathaigh to raise his daughter alone.

A pirate ship was perhaps not the ideal place to raise a child, but Áine took to the life anyway. By the end of her teenage years, she had a ship and a crew of her own. The Drunken Maiden was a curiosity of the seas, an equalizer to those who crossed its path. The crew were always willing to lend a hand to those in need, but never failed to wreak havoc for those they deemed unworthy of their fortunes.

Every adventure must come to an end however, and the high seas spat Áine out on dry land before she had time to fully understand how she had come to be there. She wandered the inlands until, nearly wasted away, she stumbled into the mountains of Stygia. A ragtag horde of mercenaries, knights, and monsters took her in, and claimed her as their own. They taught her the joys of battle and the arts of peace. She dove into the community headfirst, and then disappeared without a trace as quickly as she had arrived.

Only Áine can tell you what happened in those in-between years before she suddenly reappeared in Stygia, walking out of the woods with stories written on her soul. She was armed not just with weapons, but with gifts not wholly of this world.

She returned to the battle with a fervor that burned through her heart and soul, a penchant for chaos, and old magicks nipping at her heels.

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