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Sir Torrence's Knights Symbol

Fighter Information

Name: Sir Torrence Yrrot (aka, Sir Torry), Knight of Numenor
Realm: Numenor
Unit: Brotherhood of the Falcon - Sashed 2012
Fighting Style: Glaive; Sword and Board
Fighting Since: Quad Day 2006
Squired to: Sir Galin
Started Squiring: OctoberFest 2010
Knighted: Numenor Spring Opener 2013

Sir Torry is the fastest fighter in Numenor, by popular vote.

Lands of Sir Torrence

Squire Matthias of Briarwood
Squire Kyle of Numenor
Retainer Feral of Numenor
Retainer Shadrac of Numenor
Retainer Graymane of Numenor
Retainer Kiro of Morva
Half-retainer Kharylle of Numenor/Grond, Squire to Sir Kegg

And a small horde of Uruk-Hai


Torry before his Knighting at Numenor Spring Opener. Photo by Ellie Apland.
Torry at Armageddon 2013. Photo by Ellie Apland.
Sir Torrence fighting at Numenor Potluck Invasion 2013. Photo by Ellie Apland
Torry fight florentine. Photo by Brittany Norman.
Sir Torrence wrapped in the Knights of Numenor Banner after his knighting (and breaking). Photo by Ellie Apland
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