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Witchdoktors always be laughing at you.

Secretary of Belegarth:2022-Present

Race: Snotling

Realm: Grond
Unit: Neophyte of the Sons of Sylas

Favorite Fighting Style: Sword and Board, Min Red
Squired to: Sir Hubris

Owner of Witchdoktor Weaving and Garb

So Where Did Hixa Come From (OOC)

Hixa, the artist formerly known as Bowser, is my in character name. I decided to change my name in the game, as I wanted to separate myself from my character. I began Belegarth in 2012 in Steven's Point, the realm of Sand Plains. After I moved out of Point, I did some very occasional fighting in Rhun, then took a long hiatus from fighting. Now that I am living in Illinois, I am active in the realm of Grond.

Hixa's Character Lore

...This will be coming soon as it is still a work in progress.....

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