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What is the Chronicler Guild?

Belt flag for members

The Chronicler Guild oversees the promotion and preservation of the history and culture of Belegarth through the exploration of Photography, Videography, Lorecraft, History, and Bardic within the Belegarth community.

The Goal of the Chronicler Guild Is...

The mission of the Chronicler Guild is to promote excellence in the enrichment and preservation of the History and Culture within the Belegarth community. It accomplishes this mission by:

    1. Developing and maintaining a consistent, standardized, and formal recognition process for accomplishments in enriching and preserving the history and culture of Belegarth.
    2. Establishing a mentoring system for developing individual skills and abilities in and outside Belegarth.
    3. Inspiring members and providing them the necessary skills to share their knowledge and experience with the community.
    4. Promoting the use of videography, photography, history-keeping, lore-making, and bardic skills to further enrich and preserve the history and culture of Belegarth.

Guild Membership Information

How to Join

Any member of BCMS may join the Chronicler Guild. To do so you must:

1) Introduce yourself to the Guild on the Facebook group OR introduce yourself to a Guild Council member. Either way, you must provide this information:

  • Your name
  • Your realm and unit (if applicable)
  • Years in Belegarth
  • Any notable projects you're proud of
  • Your reason for joining and what you want to learn

2) Edit the member table below to include your fighting name, realm, and focus. You may request someone do this on your behalf if necessary.

The Path of the Chronicler

Becoming an Vassal

Those wishing to become Guild Vassals should contact their local Guild Mentors, Journeymen, or Guild Council.

Becoming an Apprentice

Those wishing to become Guild Apprentices should fill out the following form.

Becoming a Journeyman

Requirements for becoming a Guild Journeyman.

To Be Considered for Master Status Now

Many individuals in Belegarth are already masters in various areas of chronicling, and have been for some time. In recognition of this the Chronicler's Guild welcomes you to submit a portfolio detailing your work to the following email address:

Here are the requirements for being recognized as a master:

Guild Council Members

Name Fighting Name Realm Primary Skill Secondary Skill Status
Sidley Rabbie Archive Sand Plains Videography n/a Mentor - Active
Ellie Apland Master Lady Armstrong Numenor Photography n/a Mentor - Active
Julieanna Daviski Crynolyn River Run Geek Fight Club Photography n/a Mentor - Active
Dane Johns Sir Par Rath History Keeping n/a Mentor - Active
Kayla Harris Antoinette Nomad History Keeping Lore Mentor - Active
Matteo Kraftsow Witchdoktor Kord Ancient Wharf Lore n/a Mentor - Active
Paul Beckman Caleidah Grond Lore n/a Mentor - Active
Dan-Krysten Reid Witchdoktor Kazi Nan Belegorn Lore n/a Mentor - Active

Guild Members on the Path

Name Rank Realm Primary Art/Skill Secondary Art/Skill Studying Under
Squire Berenor Apprentice Northern Steppes History Keeping Bardic Dragoon Antoinette
Lore Dagguere Apprentice Grond Photography Videography Lady Armstrong
Nakis Apprentice Pyke Lore Cooking Dragoon Antoinette
Torix Apprentice Saracor History Game Systems Warmaster Kord

Current Members

Name Rank Realm Primary Art/Skill Secondary Art/Skill Status
Squire Aine SilverSun Member Stygia Lore Bardic n/a
Banjax Member Morva Videography Lore n/a
Carden Coburn Member Blackfen Photography History n/a
Daggar Member Gondor Lore History Keeping n/a
Digit Member Frozen North Photography Lore n/a
Sir The Juggernaut Member Kamigawa Bardic Night life/event culture n/a
Krash Member Sunspear Bardic Lore n/a
Lady Marek Member Pyke the Ironport Photography Lore n/a
Nahdia Member Avalon Photography Videography n/a
Squire Nickel Member Kamigawa Lore History Keeping n/a
Master Pip Member Tolaria Photography Lore n/a
Quinn Member Anduril Videography Lore n/a
Raokan Member Dar Kova Bardic Lore n/a
Slippery Member Hellholt History Keeping Lore n/a
Master Sven the Apothecary Member Shannara Bardic Night life/event culture n/a

Other Information

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