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Photo by Kos


Sand Plains

  • '12-'13 School Year: Media Director
  • '13 Fall Semester: Secretary and Web Weaver
  • '14 Spring Semester: Treasurer and Web Weaver
  • '14-'15 School Year: President and Web Weaver
  • '15-'16 School Year: Student Rep President and Web Weaver
  • '14-'16: War Council Rep


House Hellhammer

  • Joined June 2014
  • Sponsored by Squire Vak
  • Barreled Oktoberfest 2016
  • Sponsored Tonks Okfest 2017

Former Unit The Order

  • Joined July 2012
  • Disciple Trial April 2013 - Spring Wars
  • Left May 2014

Other Information

Race: Human

Fighting Since:

  • February 2012

Favorite Fighting Style:

Squire under Sir Dameon Orcenfol

  • Became a retainer in January 2012
  • Became a squire in July 2013

Ironguard in The Forgechurch

Member in the House Valkyries

  • Earned Leather Valkyrie Flag at Oktoberfest 2015

Member in House of the Watchers

Disciple Trial, Spring Wars 2013. Grease and Static
Dac and Static Oktoberfest 2015
Octoberfest 2013. Photo by Ellie "Armstrong"
Events Attended:

Wolfpack Opener, Sand Plains Closer, Spring Wars, Rhun in June, Sand Plains Opener, Octoberfest, Here There be Dragons, Rhun Closer


Wolfpack Opener, Muxlovia Mayhem, Sand Plains Closer, Spring Wars, Melcaorme XI, Armageddon, Ragnarok XXVIII, Kill, Grill and Chill, Sand Plains Opener, Octoberfest, Snow Ball VII, Rhun Closer


Muxlovia Mayhem, Wolfpack Opener, Sand Plains Closer, Spring Wars, Armageddon, Ragnarok XXIX, Kill, Grill and Chill, Morva Maelstorm, Sand Plains Opener, Octoberfest


Wolfpack Opener, Sand Plains Closer, Spring Wars, Melcaorme Q, Armageddon, Ragnarok XXX, Kill, Grill and Chill, Oktoberfest, Rhun Closer


Wolfpack Opener, Ides of March, Spring Wars, Armageddon, Oktoberfest, Rhun Closer


Wolfpack Opener, Spring Wars, Ragnarok, Mux Mayhem, Oktoberfest, Winter Wars


Wolfpack Opener

Static and Jack, Oktoberfest 2016
Barrel, Oktoberfest 2016. Static and Argent
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