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BMCS Officers

Belegarth Medieval Combat Society (BMCS) is run at the highest level by the Officers. This governing body is comprised of six different positions, all of whom are elected by the Belegarth War Council of Realms and must adhere to the duties given them within the By-laws. These are all volunteer positions, though usually, to be elected, you should be someone of good standing and reputation among the Belegarth community as a whole.

The current Officers consist of:

Past Officers may be found on their respective pages.

In the spring of 2022, the elected Officers deemed it necessary to appoint four new positions, as per Article 16.2 of the By-Laws. These positions are meant to relieve some of the workloads off the primary officers, as the sport has grown and changed over many years, and six people cannot do it all.

Further descriptions may be found on their respective pages.

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