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Fighter Profile:


Real Name: Desi S. Thompson

Slave Name: Iulia

Realm(s): Wolfpack of the High Plains, formerly Realm of Endrik (founder), formerly Realm of Numenor, currently Avalon

Unit: Pledge for Brotherhood of the Falcon

Houses: House Valkyries

Fighting since: Fall 2013

Race: Night Goblyn

Tribe: Skera Nipt

Likes to kill people with: sword and board, kindness, buckler and bat, bow and arrow

Events Attended:

KGC 2013

Geddon 2014

Knightfall Mini 2014

Okt 2014

Grondipendence Day 15

KGC '15

Grondsgiving 15

Take Your Hitsmas '16

WPO '16

Bloodmyst Opener '16

Numenor Opener '16

Spring Wars '16

Geddon '16

WPO '17

BMO '17

Spring Wars '17

Chaos Wars '17

Numenor Opener '17

Equinox '17

Oktoberfest '17

Hosted: Bloodmyst Opener IV (2017)


Desi was once a pretty knife-ear lady, but stumbled into a stream of Pissran's… well, piss, and her heart was consumed by chaos (and green). This mystical and life changing golden shower allowed Desi's true goblyn soul to eat her former. She rose from the dark and pissy ground, and now, Desi is a beautiful green being of chaos, who enjoys long walks on the graves of her enemies, eating anything, and the misfortune of others.

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