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Darth Cheeseheart with Sir Ana's loyal mount


Fighter Information

Name: Darth Cheeseheart
Actual Name: Salvador Solis
Gender: Male
Started Fighting in the Realm of Anduril
Current Realm: Stronghold of the Anduril Empire
Unit: Sith Empire

  • Joined Unit in 2010

Primary Fighting Style: Shield and Sword
Fighting Since: September 2008

Interesting Information

  • Started as a Squire to Sir Par in January 2012
  • Knighted by Sir Par, as a Knight of the Western Flame, in July 2014
  • LOL, Star Wars in a Medieval Combat Society. Who would have thunk?

Darth Cheeseheart's Symbols


  • Sir Cheeseheart the Defiant
  • Warden of Stronghold
  • High General of the Anduril Empire
  • Emperor of the Sith
  • 2nd Knight of the Western Flame
  • King of Hate
  • Enemy of Northern Freedom
  • Belegarth Public Relations Coordinator 2014
  • Member of the Order of the Open Tome


  • "Sith Happens!"
  • "I'll take character over reputation...your character is who you really are; your reputation is only who others THINK you are."

Events Attended

  • Battle for the Ring I-VIII
  • Battle of Andor I-VII
  • War of Reckoning 2010
  • Fool's Raid V-IX
  • War of Silica Vale I, II, V, VI
  • Harvest Massacre V & VI
  • Anduril Spring Finale I-III
  • War of Wrath I-IV
  • Battle of the Sword Coast I-V
  • Chaos Wars XIII-XIX
  • Stronghold I
  • Wedageddon I
  • Battle of Blackwater I-IV
  • Iron Isles I & II
  • King's Tourney
  • Tons of other, smaller events. And LARPs!
Darth Cheeseheart with Sword and Heater Shield


He looked upon Palpatine, his Master. For the first time, he saw a hint of fear in his eyes. Not a fear of death, but only the unusual fear that things would, also for the first time, not go according to plan.
"The Rebels will be exiting Hyperspace soon, my apprentice. And you must go. Things will unfold as expected, and my time here is at an end...but not for long. The galaxy may be without our darkness for some time...but you shall bring it back."
"No, Master, let me stay. Let me do what Vader failed to do and eliminate Skywalker...and Vader. He has served his purpose. I, however, have not been given the chance to truly serve yours...We can still turn the tide of things. The empire you created can be stronger than ever."
Apprentice, your time will come. But not here, not now. Your reign will begin in a different time, far from here. But first, you must travel through the ages, as I have done, creating an army of force-sensitives and bending them to your will, to serve YOUR purpose. The purpose that the Dark Side has chosen for you, and them, and for all of us. That is my will, my final task for you. This is the beginning of your most important mission. And when the time is right, I shall return and we shall rule the galaxy together. Except then, I will be the apprentice and YOU will be the Master. You must find me among the masses, and help to restore me to power that I possess now. The time is not right for our master plan to unfold, the galaxy is not ready for it. This is why, you must plant the seeds. You must pave the way for my return. Do you understand?"
"Yes, my Master."
"Excellent. Now go. Take your ship and leave this place, leave this time. We shall meet again, apprentice."
"It will be done...but before I go, I have but one request."
"Ask, and it shall be done, my loyal servant."
"Give me my name. My true name. I will not go on in this mission without the name and title I have earned. The name that shall make worlds tremble in my wake." The Emperor rose from his throne. Methodically, he approached his kneeling apprentice, a maniacal, yet proud smile forming on his face. Palpatine unsheathed his saber from his sleeve and ignited it, placing it near his apprentice's shoulder, close enough for him to feel its burn. With his deep, echoing voice, he proclaimed: "Rise, Darth Cheeseheart. Do what must be done."
"Yes, my Master."
He left Palpatine's chambers. As he ascended to where his ship was docked, he saw Vader walk in with the prisoner Skywalker. Under his breath, he muttered, "Jedi scum." But he knew that neither he nor Vader would matter, not where he was going.

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