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Squire tasks are requirements that a squire must complete prior to being knighted. They may be formalized like the listing below or they may be assigned on an ad hoc basis. Oftentimes, tasks may be assigned that identify a squire's weaknesses and how to correct them. Most squire tasks focus either on combat, service, or some combination of the two.

Kyrian's Squires list of requirements

NOTE: It was my intent when I developed these tasks to give a potential knight the experience and knowledge to start a new realm or to assist his/her realm in any capacity.--Kyrian


  • Defeat everyone in Wolfpack with primary weapon style.
  • Defeat everyone in Wolfpack with secondary weapon style.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in two other fighting styles.
  • Defeat me with your primary and secondary styles at least 50% of the time.


  • Run an event.
  • Serve as marshal a minimum of one hour per week--this can be broken down into 30-minute blocks.
  • Attend at least two national events.
  • Run a tourney.
  • Pass a herald's exam.
  • Qualify as weapons tester.
  • Serve as weapons tester at a national event.
  • Serve as Wolfpack War Leader for at least one national event.



  • Sew a set of fighting garb for yourself.
  • Sew a set of feasting garb for yourself.
  • Sew a cloak for yourself.
  • Sew garb for at least two different people.
  • Show at least 5 people how to make garb.


Arts and Sciences

  • Research a non-combat related medieval art or science.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a Belegarth-related art or science (garb, bardic, cooking, sculpture, etc.)

Knight's Garb

  • Design a coat of arms.
  • Sew a banner with your coat of arms.
  • Sew a surcoat with your coat of arms.
  • Make a shield cover with your coat of arms.
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