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Fighter Information

Dopp @ 1st War of the Gate, thanks for the support.

Name: Dragoon Dopp
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Realm: Highlands of Chaos-Korayn
Unit: Gelfen Empire

Primary Fighting Style: Sword and Board
Fighting Since: Forever

Dopp, Paksha and Catibus at Chaos Wars XX. Photo by Avianna.

Other Information

Events Attended

Dragoon Dopp has been attending events for a very long time, as such it is almost impossible to keep track of every event he has been to. Just know it is a lot.

Dopp Tales

Somewhere off in the darkness, just past the feast hall, in the land of mischievous yet generous Gelfs, there is the sound of laughter. It resonates from a family gathered around the fire, glasses half empty. In the center, there is a storyteller. His adventures seem outrageous. Some even downright unbelievable but always enjoyable. This storyteller is a warrior. He’s been to battle. He’s seen many brothers come and go. He’s served his community, fed his people, and most importantly brought an element of fun and whimsy to all those he’s encountered. Sir Dopp is a beloved pillar of the Belegarth Community. From his Dopptales to his contagious giggles, he brings joy to all those around him.

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