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Sare looking undeservedly smug. Photo credit: Marek

Fighting since: April, 2006

Realm: Babylon Empire, Pyke

Peerage: Dragoon - knighted by Sir Dopp at Chaos Wars XXII

Units: Gelfs, Mosquito Tribe, God Squad

Former Units: Catalyst, The Dirty Words

Styles: Sword and Board, Archery, shredulating, crying, going to bed nice and early

Arm: Hurts, like, all the time these days

Race: is a social construct

Medieval Experiences Ruined: At least a hundred

Cat: Hatchet

Knight and Dragoon

Knight: Sir Dopp
Sare was knighted by Sir Dopp at Chaos Wars XXII as a Dragoon.

Squires: Veithryn - Realm: Pyke - Aug. 2023

Events Attended

  • Chaos Wars X-XXII
  • Western Wars IV, VI-XV
  • War of the Gardens I-IV
  • Battle for the Ring VIII, IX
  • Like, a few Oregon Openers, Chumpsgivings, Battles for Pyke
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