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Protect ya neck

Scumlord Giggles
Realm: Alera
Unit: Horde - Barrelled Saturday March 26th, 2011, Year of Mayhem at Mannetherin IV
Weapon of choice: Spear, Trash talk
Started fighting: 2005, Year of Destruction


Giggles is a gnoll originally from the The Highlands of Chaos. As a pup he set out on his own to walk the path of the swordsmonster. Alongside the path he noticed a patch of brightly colored mushrooms. Not being one to pass up a free meal he gobbled down the tasty fungi. In the midst of the subsequent electric shroom fever, Giggles strayed far from the path of the sword. Before him lay a new rugged path. Giggles gave up his sword and followed his heart down the road less traveled... and then he found a new sword. Sweet.

The Ballad of Wet Giggles

or The Tale of the Lost Mug of Chaos

by Azgarehta the Bard

The story is told of Giggles the Beast
And the mug that he lost just after the Feast
In the presence of Royalty, Goblin, and Goat
The spirits were high and with loudness of throat
Under gaze of the moon and stillness of tomb
The plague had killed most, they all felt it's doom
Of Falcon's Blood, The Gnoll does drink deep and passes
Till the four still of life were quite drunk off their asses
"Hey dere's a bridge!" The Gnoll exclaimed while quite drunk
"They's probly alive ones." His simple mind thunk
Addled by drink and by gravity's pull
Crossing a moat seemed too complex for this Gnoll
A Villain appeared in the form of a log
The only way over this cavernous bog
"Me Hat!" said the Gnoll as a gentleman would
"Can't get wet!" and thus removed it fast as he could
A step, then another makes his confidence rise
A third step's too many, as he slips in surprise
Into the water he flops like a whale
Soaked to the bone from ears to the tail
His hat still yet dry, a keen stroke of luck
The Mug washed away, down into the muck
A mournful tear for the mug lost asunder
For the mug was a prize of the Gnoll's good plunder
This tale's water tight, there's no room for wiggles
And that's how we came upon Team Wet Giggles.

Events Attended

Chaos Wars IX, Chaos Wars XI, Chaos Wars XIII, Chaos Wars XV, Frostoberfest 2009, Oregon Opener 2010, Western Wars VII, Western Wars IX, Alls Faire 2010, Mannetherin IV, Northwest Training Day 2011

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