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Fighter Information

Name: Tonkinese (Tonks) Moonwillow


Actual Name: Io Gaudette
Gender: Non-Binary
Race: Troll
Realm: Thunder Guard
Unit: House Hellhammer

  • Picked up Oktober Fest 2017
  • Sponsored by Static

Fighting styles: Archery, Sword and Board
House: Valkyries
Fighting Since: 15/01/2016.


I walked peacefully towards camp as the sun sunk over the horizon. Without warning, the sounds of battle rang out ahead of me. I quickened my pace to a run and pulled my bow from my back to nock an arrow. By the time I reached the edge of camp, it was in ruins; tents were crushed and lit ablaze, food strewn and stomped into useless mush, and bodies littered the ground of my peaceful village. Battle still raged a short distance ahead as the large Tribe of attacking hat trolls clubbed and muscled their way through the grounds. Our numbers dwindled. I drew my arrow back on the bow, leveling it at one of the hat trolls, but heard a faint voice a few steps away. “Tonks.” I lowered my bow slightly as I glanced down at the location of the voice to see Ti’zali, the Shattered Moon Tribe’s shaman, reaching out weakly towards me from the ground. My bow dropped from my hands and I ran to her, dropping to my knees. Ti’Zali laid on the ground, unable to bring herself closer to me. It appeared as though her midsection had been crushed inwards, easily mangling the organs inside. "It shows a lot about a troll...” she started, taking deep, ragged breaths while she spoke. “When even in the face of're willing to risk...your life for your tribe..." Every word sounding more painful than the next. "Take my hand, Tonkinese." I reached my hand to grab hers and the moment they touched, my life changed. At first, it was almost painful. I felt an incredible torrent of power surge through me. I was grateful I was already kneeling because the shock of what was appending surely would have brought me to my knees. Lifetime after lifetime of thoughts, memories, rituals, and history flooded my mind like a massive waterfall, drowning out everything else that happened around me. It felt as though my very spirit was being crushed under the powerful weight of the Shaman’s memories. After what felt like an eternity, the energy seemed to stabilize. The familiar voice of Ti’Zali whispered in my head. "Our tribe will not survive this battle...but it can survive through you… are very well the last of us...carry this burden knowing I will watch you from the light of the moon… go child and carry the Shattered Moon’s legacy with you." After a moment, I opened my eyes and saw that all the life had been drained from Ti’Zali's body. I felt warm tears stream down my face as I gently closed her eyes, trying to make her appear at peace. Looking up one last time to see the last of her brothers and sisters fighting before turning grabbing my bow and running as fast as my feet could carry me.

Other Information

  • Squire to Sir Argent Drakesoul, Sleeping Dragon of the Midwest, Knight of Tir Asleen since July 2017.
  • Retainer to Sir Argent, from February 2017 to July 2017.

Events Attended

  • Bear Brawl 2016
  • Chaos Wars XX
  • Giants Awakening VI, VII, VIII, IV
  • Oktoberfest 2016, 2017, 2018,2019
  • Wolfpack Opener 2017
  • Spring Wars 2017, 2018
  • Mame 2017
  • Ragnarok XXXII
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