Starter Kit Instructions and Checklist

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General Instructions

Method 1 - The easiest and least professional way to assemble this book is to simply go link by link printing each page. This method will certainly get the job done, but it will look like you just printed a webpage (because that’s all you did).

Method 2 - Cut & paste the content into your favorite word processor / publishing software. MS Word, Mac Write, Open Office, Adobe Acrobat, any of these will do. Some offer advantages over others, but your familiarity with the software is important because ultimately you will be publishing this manual. Attention to detail is imperative. Be sure to use whitespace appropriately and to pay attention to where headings fall on the page… you don’t want page breaks falling directly after section headings, it doesn’t look good.

This method also gives you the ability to further customize the content, adding your own comments and otherwise personalizing your realm’s Belegarth Handbook.

Pretext Section

This section is more or less static. The table of contents needs page numbers (once you've formatted everything else) and you may want to add an 'editor's note' before, after or directly to the preface. Optional cover sheets may be available in the future.

For New Members and Fighters

  1. Becoming a Belegarth Fighter
    1. Safety, Playability, Realism
    2. Weapons Making Instructions
    3. Basics of Fighting
    4. Keeping Yourself Safe
    5. Sportsmanship
    6. Names
    7. Garb
    8. Characterization
    9. Armour
    10. Advanced Fighting
    11. Attending Events

This section serves as a sort of new members guide to our community. Most of it is the 'why' not the 'what' so veteran members will not find much new here. Most all of this info is ‘essential’ to new members, so it is suggested that it all be included. Garb patterns could be included after the section on garb or in an appendix. Optionally the Games List, Units, Group Tactics, and/or Non-combatants chapters from the next section could be moved here.

For New Realms and Realm Leaders

  1. Building and Running a Realm
    1. Governing the Realm
    2. Realm Building Tips
    3. How to Run a Practice
    4. Marshalling
    5. Weapons Check
    6. Games List
    7. Units
    8. Basic Group Tactics
    9. Noncombatants
    10. How to Run an Event
    11. Web Presence
    12. Growing the Game
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For Fighters
For Craftsman