Constructing a Sword Cover

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Sword cover instructions, taken from the Eriador Construction Site

Materials Needed

  • Cover fabric, preferably trigger
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine


Trigger poplin is the #1 most prefered cover material. Its strong, soft, has little strech, and won't rip. USE IT. You should be able to find trigger poplin at most any fabric store.

Step 1: Use a cloth measuring tape to find the circumference of your sword around the thickest part of the blade. Step 2: Take the circumference of your sword, add one inch, and cut out a piece of fabric that wide times the length of your blade plus two inches. (fig. 1)

Step 3: Fold the rectangle hot dog style. If there's a good side, make sure its IN. Pin and sew up one side keeping a small (3/8") margin. The sewing line is shown as the RED dotted line in figure 2. Double over or reinforce with a zigzag stich for extra stability.

Step 4: Check to make sure your sword fits in the cloth cylinder you've made for it (fig. 3). If it does, lay it down on the rectangle with about an extra inch of fabric sticking out from the top and bottom of the blade. Mark where the tip of the sword is and draw a wide arc(indicated in NEON, fig. 4) in which the center is the tip of the sword. (Don't trace the whole top of the sword or the cover won't have room to fit the sword in it)

Step 5: Sew over your wide arc. Double over to reinforce. Trim the top corners of excess fabric. (fig.5)

Step 6: If you want to do the easy method, at this point turn the cover good side out and put it on your sword. Tape the excess to your handle/shaft (fig. 6). Otherwise, keep the cover inside out and get some thin rope(1/8") for a drawstring.

Step 7: Place the drawstring(PURPLE) around the base of your cover (fig.7) Proceed to fold the fabric up over the drawstring and pin(BLUE) it in place (fig. 8). Then sew so you have the drawstring already in your loop (fig. 9).

Step 8: Now turn your cover right side out, pull over your sword, and tie the drawstring. Drawstring covers make for easier acess to your swordblade in the case that you need to make repairs, however can come loose or can get in the way of your grip if they're too long. (fig.10)


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