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When attending events, you will need to pack the correct supplies. Many people are not experienced with camping and do not know exactly what they should bring so below there is a list of recommended eventing supplies. You will need to decide what to bring and what not to bring from the list depending on your available luggage space.

  • Recommended Belegarth Related Supplies
    • Lots of fighting garb and a set of feasting garb
    • Reasonably period-looking footwear
    • Safety gear (knee pads, sports goggles, etc.)
    • Weapons and shields
    • Feasting gear (the more period looking the better)
    • Duct tape, glue, and spare foam for weapon repair
    • Portable water jug
  • Optional Belegarth Supplies
    • Candles or candlesticks
    • Period drinking vessel (Horn, Mug, or goblet)
    • Belt and pouch
    • Armor
    • Jewelry, bracelets, elf ears, face paint
    • Carrying bag made of canvas, leather or other period materials.
    • Costume dagger or sword (keep it away from the field)
    • Musical instruments (drum, guitar, flute, etc.)
    • Cloak Recommended
  • Camping Gear
    • Mundane clothes, underwear, and lots of socks
    • 2 Towels and a washcloth
    • Soap, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo (camping soap dish and toothbrush holders are recommended)
    • Razor and shaving cream (if needed) Hairbrush, toothbrush, etc.
    • Aspirin and any prescription medicines (in the original packaging)
    • Tent
    • Tent stakes
    • Rope
    • Knife
    • Camping pad, air mattress, or cot
    • Sleeping bag or several blankets
    • Toilet paper
    • First Aid kit
    • Sunscreen and bug repellent
    • Money
    • Flashlight
    • Food (a mixture food that does not require being cooled or cooked and some that does)
    • Quad chair
    • Extra tarps for rain protection
  • Optional Camping Supplies
    • Laundry soap (for long events)
    • Solar Shower
    • More Money
    • Portable fan
    • Tarp or dining fly
    • Cooler
    • Water cooler
    • Torches, lantern, or oil lamp (and candles or fuel as needed)
    • Grill, grill baskets, or camping stove
    • Bow saw, axe, or hatchet
    • Camp shovel
    • Large trash bags
    • Cooking gear, BBQ tools (Long fork, spatula, and tongs)
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