Constructing a Spear

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Originally taken from the Eriador Construction Site


Materials Needed


1) Find a core of suitable length with minimal flex. Recommended sizing:

  • 6' - Farm and Fleet 5/8"x6' fiberglass rods
  • 6' - 1" PVC (heavier than fiberglass)
  • 7' - 1" sch80 PVC or 1.25" sch40 PVC (heavy)
  • 8' - 1.25" sch80 PVC or 1.5" sch40 PVC (very heavy)
  • All lengths - Bandpoles, widely considered the best polearm core.

2) Cap the core off with a cap (often come with bandpoles, also available for PVC) or a sufficiently large diameter coin. Tape the cap down securely with strapping tape, then tightly tape down a round scrap of foam using duct tape or strapping tape. This prevents the edges of the pipe from eating away at the foam on the tip and is absolutely necessary.

3) Cut a strip of 1/2" camping pad that is 6" wide and as long as the sheet. Then cut off a piece from that which is long enough to wrap once around your core. Dap that to your core, then glue a cap of foam over the top.

4) Take the remaining strip of 6" wide camp pad and begin glueing one side of it far enough in to wrap around the base of your head. Glue it to the head so it looks like so from the side:
5) Now proceed to glue the inner roll of the foam and the base under it, as it dries, roll the base so there is another layer around, glue more, dry, roll, etc.
6) Keep rolling camp pad around until there are 5-6 total layers of foam or your head is wide enough to fit half a (large) Poof Football on top.

7) Trace, cut, then glue a circle of foam to the top of your spear head.

8) Cut a Nerf Football in half. Then, cut off the point of the head and any hard plasticy ridges on the edges. The tip should be large enough so as not to go more than .5" through a 2.5" hole (the two and a half inch rule).

9) Spray glue the bottom of the football and the top of the spearhead. Stick them together when the glue is tacky but dry (which should only take a couple of minutes, unlike DAP).
10) Slide Pipe Insulation up the core (look for good, 5/8" thick insulation). Remember, you shouldn't easily feel core through your haft padding and the maximum handle length of a spear (or other Class 3-only weapon) is 2/3rds of its overall length.

11) Rip about 16 strips of duct tape 6" long. Proceed to place them gently in 45° "X" patterns over the seam between the football and the camp pad head. Smooth them down gently and don't tape tightly. Do this all around your head overlapping the Xs. For extra stability, you can also glue a piece of foam over where you did your taping.

12) Now cap off the bottom end of your core and add a pommel (see Constructing a Pommel). Cut a circle of cloth wide enough to go down at least 3-4" on all sides of the head of your spear and tape it down. Tape over the rest of the exposed foam.

Adding a Spear Hook


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