Constructing a Cross Guard

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Alternate Method



  • If you want a crescent shaped cross guard trim off the excess foam now not after you put the Pommel on.
  • If you want a straight Cross Guard trim the excess foam so that its straight.


1. Cut 3 strips of Blue Camp Pad 8-12" long by the width of your core plus 2-4".

2. Fold a strip so that the edges furthest away from each other touch, and cut a slit 2-3 inches long (depending on your core)

3. Fold the other way and cut a slit about 1/2 the size of the first one.

4. Repeat steps 2. and 3. on the other two strips.

5. DAP the bottom of the blade and the strips (the strips should have a bit of a curve from the packaging, so DAP the curved side of one, the not curving side of another, and both sides on the last one) let the DAP dry until its tacky and very sticky.

6. Slide the strips up the sword to the top of the handle (bottom of the blade) slide first the strip that has glue on the not curved side, then the one with both sides, then the one with the glue on the curved side.

7. (Optional) trim the edges of the Cross Guard so that the edges are straight.

8. Wrap the strips with cloth tape to make sure the glue bonds and put large Xs of tape to connect the Cross Guard to the base of the sword.

9. Wrap a strip of Cloth Tape around the base of the Cross Gaurd to make sure it wont come off.

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