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A dagger is a small stabbing-only weapon, usually used as a backup for close fighting. There are many different and perfectly workable ways to construct a dagger.

Materials Needed


1) Cut your pipe to the desired length. Mark up 2" and 8" up from the pommel end.
2) Securely tape down a coin over each end. This prevents the pipe from eating through the foam and is absolutely necessary.
3) Cut a strip of blue foam at least as wide as 1/3rd the length of your pipe and no wider than from the stabbing end to the 8" mark. It should be at least 3" wide to ensure a secure base. The strip should be long enough to wrap once around the pipe. Use good carpet tape or Dap to secure the strip to the end of the pipe. Then glue on a disk of foam large enough to cover the top.
4) Glue on another strip of foam around the top, then another cap. At this point, the end of your dagger should be at least 2.5" wide (depending on your core). If not, add another strip of foam.
5) Take your football or soccerball and cut it in half. Cut off any hard ridges or points, and cut off enough of the tip so it can't pass more than 0.5" through a 2.5" hole (the two and a half inch rule). Trim down the sides so it just covers the top of your dagger.
6) Spray glue both the bottom of the football and the top of the dagger. Let them sit long enough to get tacky (just a minute or so, usually), and press them together tightly.
7) Using hockey tape, duct tape, or strapping tape, make an "X" of tape across the seam between the football and the blue foam. Repeat all around the dagger. If the tip still seems wobbly, add other tape as needed.
8) Cover, tape, and add a pommel. You're done!

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