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Highlander is the name of a popular Movie and set of Television series. The basic jist of Highlander is there are people that are almost magical people called "Immortals" living in secret that can not die like a regular person would. The only way to kill each other is to cut the head off their opponent. When this happens the magical power from the headless "Immortal" goes to the closest Immortal. Immortals can sense each others presence. There are some rules, fights are one-on-one, guns are cheating, Holy ground is safe, "There can be only One"

Highlander Battle

A Free For All, with some differences:

  • 1. All combat is one on one, no armor. No interfering in another's fight in any way.
  • 2. Combat is initiated by one fighter making eye contact with another.
  • 3. When a fighter defeats his opponent, he/she has five seconds to "decapitate" their opponent, otherwise the fallen enemy revives and the fight continues. NOTE: Decapitation is represented by running the blade of your weapon across your opponents neck after they've suffered fatal wounds. Do not chop people in the neck!
  • 4. After successfully decapitating an opponent, a fighter regains use of limbs he or she may have lost in the fight.


===Single Weapon Highlander=== Combatants are allowed a single weapon only. No looting the dead! And for this purpose, shields DO count as weapons, but do not regenerate if damaged.

===Anything Goes Highlander=== Any weapons can be used. Armor is also allowed, but does not regenerate if lost.

===Highlander Resurection=== When you are killed you stand out until your killer has been killed, you are then resurected and continue to fight. In this way one person has to defeat everyone on the field to win.

Interesting Note

The Household of Rausumea the Medina Realm of Belegarth was actualy started around a club that played a game based on Highlander in highschool in the mid to late 1990's. This club fought with wooden dowels and fought roleplayed highlanders jumping each other after school or challenging one another to duals to the death at locations like home or parks.

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