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Grappling is the direct physical contact with an opponent involving wrestling or an attempting to relieve them of a weapon.

One aspect of Belegarth that is not used often by most fighters is grappling. Grappling is essentially wrestling with moves that would be allowable in a high school wrestling match. There are some specifically disallowed moves while grappling. These include throws, unarmed strikes, and joint or nerve locks. Fighters wearing armour also need to be aware that they are not allowed to grapple fighters wearing a lower classification of armour than them. The classifications go: no armour, leather armour or rigid plastic safety gear, chain armour, then plate armour. So for example, a leather armored fighter can grapple anyone wearing armour, but not an unarmored fighter. A fighter wearing chain maille may only grapple opponents wearing chain or plate. A fighter wearing plate may only grapple other fighters wearing plate. Fighters’ armour is classified by the highest level of armour they are wearing. For example, if a fighter is wearing chain maille and plate pauldrons he would be considered a plate armored fighter.

In Belegarth, grappling does not inflict damage against your opponent per se. The object of grappling is to prevent your opponent from recovering after a swing, detaining them while a team mate kills them, or to get close so you can use a dagger or other small weapon to kill them. Sometimes a grapple occurs because two opposing fighters come into close contact accidentally and they grab each other’s wrists on reflex. If you find yourself in a grapple without a sidearm and without the likelihood that an ally will assist you it may be a good idea to break out of the grapple and resume regular combat.

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