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Parade battle

Requires being allowed as a group into a parade. : This battle really requires about 10-15 non-fighters (drummers and Marshals) and 15+ fighters & everyone needs to be in exceptional garb.

Drummers and banner holders line up the front. They drum, look good in garb, and talk to people about doing stuff. Marshalls line up the rear of the area you are allowed to fight in (in the parade) as the parade advanaces both lines march with the parade.

Fighters are in one huge free for all and switch up into teams every so often based off the marshal's desisions. When the figthers die they fall down dead (hopefuly the horses are behind them if you know what I mean) as the parade advances eventualy the marshals will march up to the dead, they will have the dead get up and run back to the front to resurrect there and fight until they die and are resurrected agian.. and again.. and again...

This is a wild intense battle. Lasting 30 minutes to an Hour, NON STOP. It is ruff and it is more for show then anything else. Bystanders generaly like it, and it is some of the best advertising for a group. Roleplaying and good deaths as well as turning the intensity of the combat up and down make everything look better. Some times long fights with "telegraphed" strikes looks good sometimes someone turning up the speed to 100% and wiping the field looks good. Swearing is really a bad idea and should not be tolerated.

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