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Everyone spreads out on the field and stays in place as a Marshal throws the “Fetch” object onto the field (we use a dagger stuffed into a sock, it flings well). When the object hits the ground, Free For All fighting ensues. The objective is to get the object back to the Marshal. Can be played with infinite and quick regenerating lives as they’re usually over quickly with a flurry of people dying next to the Marshal.

Team Fetch

Same as Fetch, except with teams. The Herald drops/throws the object as close to the middle between them as possible and the 1st team to return the object to the Marshal wins.

Fetch Galore

Marshal throws 2 objects in which the person or team has to return both objects at the same time. This usually produces even more astounding dead piles within a ten second time frame, its great...

'Running Monkey' Fetch

Tie a distinguishable piece of cloth to a dagger and use it as the Fetch object. When someone picks up the “Fetch Dagger” they must drop all other equipment; the Dagger is their only weapon. **This can also be played such that all fighters are limited to sidearms(daggers and blades under 15”)

Necro Fetch

Fetch with a Necrolyte. Undead’s objective is to kill the living, only the living can return the Fetch object. See Necromancer Battle.

See Also: The Fetch

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