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Overview: A two-team battle where the teams trade off defending a goal-line. Sometimes these battles are drawn out wars of attrition and intense line-fighting and desperate skirmishing, other times it's resolved in 30 seconds, following an all-out charge. A variety of strategies are available to both sides.
Number of Fighters: ~20-80+
Teams: 2, of roughly equal size, skill, and weaponry
Field: At least wide enough for on team to stand as a line, with a goal line marked out at one end. There does not need to be any space to the sides of the goal line, but there should be at least a few safe yards behind it. Otherwise, of a reasonable size for the number of fighters involved.
Regen: At the end of battle within the game - see below.

Rules: One team starts on offense, the other on defense. One player on the offense is chosen to be the ball, and is announced as such. If the ball crosses the goal line alive, their team scores a point, that battle is over and the teams switch sides (offense becomes defense, defense becomes offense). If the ball dies before crossing the line, they don't score a point, the battle is over and the teams switch sides. Players can not go around the sides of the goal. All fighters regen after each battle, but never during a battle.

Each side gets three tries at offense. Whichever team has the most points at the end wins the game. In the event of a tie score after 6 battles, the marshal will call out that the last battle is over and immediately begin counting down from 5. As soon as the last battle is declared over, dead and gimped can rise, gather their equipment, and all fighters can attempt to get organized. Once the countdown from 5 is finished, the marshal will call Lay On and a battle begins immediately. Whichever team is left standing at the end wins.
Archery is sometimes ruled out, depending on the feelings of the marshals and fighters.

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