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Troll Battles are like Salad Bowl battles, but with a twist.


-Pile all the weapons you can find into a pile in the center of the field. Everyone then gathers around the pile and walks 20 steps out from the pile (no baby steps mind you!). A select player, the "Troll," stays at the center and chooses a weapon to use. This weapon is the "troll weapon" and is considered a double black (Is this even a class?); this weapon kills with one hit. The "Troll" then may arrange the pile to their liking (what hoard loving being doesn't have their filing system?). When they are ready they inform the marshal who then calls lay on. Players must then try to sneak up to the pile and grab a weapon before the troll can kill them.

-Aside from their weapon the troll has no special abilities and may be killed like any normal player. When the Troll is dead their weapon may be picked up. Anyone who grabs the weapon must drop all other weapons in their possession. The "troll weapon" may be grabbed at the handle for grappling. This battle is a free for all, though players may work together to distract the "Troll" and get weapons. The last person alive is the winner.

Be creative with your "Troll Weapon" if you like, but keep it safe. For example, Knightfall uses a whip for a "Troll Weapon." Said weapon is merely 6 flail heads attached to each other (imagine a bag fail with 6 heads in the top sack and divided with grip tape). Illegal, yes. Cheap, yes. Safe, yes. FUN?!, you have no idea!
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