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No Idea, borrowed this from those fellas out in Loderia


General Rules

- Mythical Warriors is a team battle of sorts. This battle is played where each player gets to choose to be either a Troll, Gnome, Human, or Elf. Each team has their own corner to start in (similar to the color battles held at the Wolfpack Opener) and each team has its own special abilities and limitations which are listed below.


  • Abilities
    • Any weapon held by a Troll is a red weapon, this includes stabbing weapons such as spears
    • Trolls have full body armor, even if they aren't wearing any, they just do.
  • Limitations
    • Trolls may not duel-wield
    • Trolls must walk
    • Trolls may not use ranged weapons or shields
    • Don't feed the Trolls


  • Abilities
    • Gnomes may use their "flee" ability once per round. Flee allows the Gnome to flee for 15 seconds without being inhibited in any way regardless of any wounds they have received. While using "flee" the Gnome must count aloud at a pace of "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi." The count must be loud enough for all fighters around to hear and at the end of the count the Gnome must assume whatever wounds they had before.
  • Limitations
    • Gnomes may only use small shields and swords and may not use spears, red weapons, or anything large. The marshal may determine what is to be considered too large for a gnome.


  • Abilities
    • Humans have the "Call to Arms" ability. "Call to Arms" may be used once per round by every human. This ability allows the human to "call" all of his allies to his side. Humans answering "Call to Arms" may not be attacked and can run even if legged. Upon reaching the human who has used "Call to Arms" humans resume battle and must assume all previous injuries. The human who uses "Call to Arms" is still open to attack. When answering a "Call to Arms" humans must inform everyone around them they are doing so. If struck and you have not informed the fighter you are answering a "Call to Arms", take the hit, it's your own fault.
  • Limitations
    • None, humans may use all weapons and shields.


  • Abilities
    • Elves may use their "regenerate limb" ability once per round. "Regenerate Limb" allows the Elf to regenerate one limb that has been injured; this does not include death shots. An Elf using "regenerate limb" should announce they are using the ability to their opponent lest they should be called a rhino-hider.
  • Limitations
    • Elves may use all weapons, but may not use shields.


Realm-specific rules may be enforced and marshals are welcome to invent new races. Said races should make sense, of course, and be at least cool and not just a variation of another race, but with a different name.

Variant Races


  • Abilities
    • Dwarfs have the ability "stone skin." This ability may be used once per round and "ignores" one hit during the battle. The dwarf may choose when to use this ability; this ability does include death shots.
      • Variation of ability
        • At the marshals discretion the ability "blacksmithing" may be used in place of "stone skin." The "blacksmithing" ability allows the dwarf to repair a shield. It is 16 seconds per hit on the shield and broken shields must be repaired fully before they may be used again. The time for repairing may be cut in half if two dwarfs are touching the shield. In order for this ability to work the dwarf must stay in contact with the shield the whole time. If the Dwarf breaks contact they must begin again. If two dwarfs are repairing a shield and either breaks contact, they must begin again. A shield may not be repaired while equipped. This ability may be used throughout the whole battle.
  • Limitations
    • Dwarfs may use either a red or sword and board only.


  • Abilities
    • Undead may use the ability "resurrection". This ability allows the Undead to "resurrect" dead players as Undead. The resurrected player acts as a normal Undead and has the ability as well. Undead players that are killed may not be resurrected.
      • Variation of Ability
        • At the marshals discretion the "create golem" ability may be used in place of "resurrection." The "create golem" ability allows the Undead to resurrect dead players as a clay golem. The golem may not run but acts similarly to a hero; the golem has 3 hit points but does not lose limbs. Undead players may not be resurrected as golems.
  • Limitations
    • Undead may use all weapons.
    • If an undead uses a ranged weapon they lose the arm they threw the weapon with. In the case of bows, whichever arm drew the bow-string is lost.


  • Abilities
    • The Norn have the ability "Norn-bear." If not within 10 yards of another Norn the Norn may shout "Norn-Bear!" to activate the ability. When active the "norn-bear" ability makes the Norn's weapon a red weapon.
  • Limitations
    • The Norn have no weapon limitations.
The races shown are options and not mandatory. What the heck, go wild with it kids, just don't go crazy.

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