Constructing a Punch Shield

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Originally taken from Eriador's construction site.

These are instructions on how to build a foam core punch shield from a sled or boogie board.


Materials Needed

PunchConstruction1.jpg PunchConstruction2.jpg PunchConstruction3.jpg PunchConstruction4.jpg

Alternate design

Materials Needed


  • photo and design by Ryan Howard

Curved Punch Shield

Tutorial by Nieros


If you don't plan on making a shield bigger than 20"x35" You can skip this first step, but for this tutorial we're going to assume you want to build a mid sized punch shield about 30"x40", and since blue foam comes in rolls of 20"x72" we have to compensate a bit, and do a bricklaying pattern.


The layers that are just half pieces are just 30x20 pieces of blue pieces glued together in at the seam, the measurements of the three piece layer aren't that important honestly, as long as the seams in the layers don't land on top of each other/near each other.

To actually shape the shield you need take the first layer and figure out what kind of curve you want in your shield, and then suspend your first layer of blue foam into that curve with a kind of Duct Tape framework


After you've done the first layer, apply a liberal amount of spray adhesive to the face of it and the surface of the next layer that's going onto this one, let them both get very tacky, if not almost dry and then connect them at the center of the curved and spread them down towards the edges, if you find that the edges aren't sticking solidly enough because you didn't let it get tacky enough, just use some duct tape to pin it down.


The first 2 layers are going to feel flimsy, third layer will feel like it's taking form, by the 6th it will be hefty, solid shield.


After all they layers are set, cut an opening for your hand and then cut a groove just deep enough, but not *quite* wide enough, slather it in Gorilla glue, which expands and fills in any gaps. Trim the excess glue flat after it has set and tape it over to get a clean finish. Use Gorilla glue and use it liberally. Do not use DAP or any other glue to attach the handle. If it overflows a bit afterward that's fine. Cut overflows off with a razor blade.

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