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An artistic rendering, by Raxis.
Dee Witchdoktor laughing at all dee pinkies before her, at Melcaorme XIII.
Galya during the March of Evil at Oktoberfest 2019.

Name: Galya (pronounced 'GAUL-yuh') Grikhunter

Pronouns: She/Her

Realm: Tir Asleen, former Dunharrow visitor

Unit: Horde

Race: Goblyn

Fighting Since: September 2006

Favorite Weapon Style: Initially Board and Bat, non-com now

Uh-ther Stuff Tah Noh 'Bout Galya

  • Deemed 1/3 of Clan Awesomesauce at Beltaine XV
  • Current archivist, admin, and overall spam-killer for this fine Wiki (since June 2009)
  • Former War Council representative for Tir Asleen (January 2010-June 2012)
  • Former Secretary of Belegarth (June 2010-December 2013)
  • Horde's "mother hen" when she feels like it or someone is dying (still has that belt flag somewhere...)
  • Is really cool to hang out at Troll with (especially when the Goblyns take over)
  • Has evil Goblyn twin girls: Arkka and Reeka! Galya gets tah be mother hen ta dem too! *grinz*
  • Member of the Order of the Raised Goblet (Par's service award) as of Armageddon X
  • Officially hit 1,000 contributions on this Wiki as of July 6th, 2011. Man, I'm on here too much.
    • Hit 2,000 contributions as of May 3rd, 2018. Oy.
    • Hit 3,000 contributions as of November 17th, 2019. Admit it, you all need me.
    • Hit 4,000 contributions as of November 11th, 2023. Forever and always.
  • Winner of the Sexiest Wet Elbow contest at Chaos Wars XV.
  • Co-authored the Simple Wiki Guide, as well as the Guide on Race Creation
  • Finally dubbed Sir Tenly Concerned (about your drunk ass) at Armageddon XI. Hail King Kingsford, Lord of Flame! :)
  • Quite possibly the oldest active female goblyn in the sport by now...

Wher Yooz Seen Her Befor

Lore Stuff

Galya was born into the Cinderflesh tribe, with the cursed Eye of Melashekhaad resting below one of her own. Her mother had been captured from another, unnamed tribe, and died birthing the litter. From that time on, the youngling was taught about the ways of the Cinderflesh. About the fiery curse placed on them, although no one remembered how it started. About the ritual sacrifices of blood, fire and majik made to appease Melashekhaad. She was taught to fear majik, and to report any sign of it being used in the camp to the tribe's elder. Any who used majik would be held captive for the next ritual. So when the young Galya began to dream of a Witchdoktor, she was afraid to say anything. Soon after, the mark on her face began to smolder, and a youngling was ritually slain, as was tradition. This only made her more cautious. Galya spent months trying to carefully understand her dreams without alerting the rest of the tribe. One time, however, the dream was so strong that she awoke others and was taken to the elder for counsel. It is then Galya learned she had been dreaming of a past life. The elder admitted that he used to see images of a younger Goblyn with a cursed mark, hunting down the weak and sacrificing them for the good of the tribe. Galya began to feel more comfortable speaking about her dreams, thinking that if the elder also had them, surely it was acceptable? But she was sorely mistaken. In a moment of foolishness, her tongue let slip that she dreamt of a witchdoktor, and the elder eyes' turned cruel. He decried her for carrying majik in her soul, and the youngling was locked away until the next sacrifice.

Galya did not know how long she sat in darkness, awaiting death. Time was meaningless. It was only when the mark began to smolder that she knew her death had come. And yet, the warriors did not fetch her. Time passed. She could faintly hear the chanting of a ritual begin, and then abruptly stop. A howling cry broke out as the mark began to glow hotter. Pain shot across her face. It burned slowly, but she managed to keep her cool. Finally, a male with a crude spear in hand burst through the door and grabbed her by the wrist. He drug her outside to where the bonfire still raged, ready for a sacrifice. But from a quick look around, Galya knew the bonfire was not the only thing raging. The pain in her face matched the pain shown in the rest of the tribe's expressions. Those standing to watch gasped and groaned in pain. Weaker Goblyns had stopped trying to stand, and instead lay prone, facing the fire, waiting for the ritual to save them from their fate. Galya did not see the body of the sacrifice that was to die before her, and she wondered if they had escaped? The thought gave her courage. The elder was there, watching her, with a large dagger in hand. The male warrior dragging her was also wincing in pain, and Galya saw the glowing mark on his arm. Without thought, she punched the mark hard and twisted her arm. The combination was enough to make the warrior howl and let go of her wrist. Panicked, Galya ran for the edge of camp. A couple arrows flew past her head, but she kept running. Normally, a skryll would make quick work of any fleeing target. But the curse had greatly weakened the nearby warriors, enough that they were unable to chase the youngling for long. The screams of anger and pain echoed behind her, and for a moment she thought she might survive. Away from the fire and the screaming, the darkness was calm and the grass was comfortable between her toes. She kept moving into the trees, but the pain in her face only worsened, and the mark burned hotter and hotter until she could no longer walk. The youngling collapsed against a tree trunk, and the night sky above her began to dim. She blacked out for a moment, and a strange voice snarled in her ear: "Lucky youngling. She be so clever to escape. Dee tribe be burning, but she survive."

Galya flinched. She tried to reply, but her tongue had gone numb. The darkness swirled around her mind, and the burning sensation began to fade. The voice cackled. "Dos dreams be special, youngling. Dey be savin' your life. Her name be Rekki, an' she be MY apprentice. Speak of her to all Goblyns, an' dee curse be lifted."

The youngling tried to speak once more. "Hush," the voice growled. "She have questions, Sifu see dis. But der be no more answers today."

Slowly, the darkness clouding her mind began to clear, and she realized the pain was gone too. The fire had died out, but her body ached. Galya opened her eyes, and stared at the stars twinkling above her. She was still alive? Her hand immediately moved to feel the mark on her face, but her skin was cool to the touch. The youngling rose to her feet, and slowly turned to look back at the Cinderflesh camp. Smoke still rose from the bonfire, but there was no sign of movement nor anyone giving chase. Even the screaming had seemingly faded into the night. Galya knew then she was on her own. She swore to herself that she would not waste the gift Sifu had given her by releasing her from the curse.

To this day, Galya never really knew if the Cinderflesh survived or not, and she honestly doesn't want to know. Instead, she has focused herself on keeping her promise to Sifu, and spreading Goblyn knowledge throughout the land.

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