Armageddon X

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Armageddon X

Host: Sir Bo
Cost: $30 pre-reg, $40 at Troll
Dates: June 8th - 12th 2011
Otherwise known as "Flood-a-geddon II - Return to the Island of Dr. Bo", or "Mud-a-geddon, Son of Flood-a-geddon". Among a lot of other things.

Stonehouse Park, Inc.
3719 Suydam Road
Earlville, IL 60518

Schedule of Events:

Wednesday 8th

  • Face rocking begins at 5:00 pm central time

Thursday 9th

  • Fighting
  • Sin Night/Virtue Night

Friday 10th

  • Fighting
  • Archery & 4-Man Tournaments
  • Tasty Combos Feast, presented by Moxk
  • Slave Auction

Saturday 11th

  • Fighting
  • Hydra Promotions
  • Knighting of Sir Luthien
  • Tasty Pulled Pork Feast, done by Lord Kayle and his crew

Sunday 12th

  • Campers must be out by 12:00 noon central time
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