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War Council decisions in 2006

This list includes all changes passed by War Council during the four voting periods of the year (March, June, September & December)

Realm Status Changes

Book of War changes in 2006

  • Addition to rule 1.4.5
    • Only the head of a flail is a striking surface.
  • Clarification of 3.1.5
    • 3.1.5. Hand(s) – Area below the wrist (exclusive). An empty Hand is a legal Target Area. Any Injury to the Hand is considered Injury to the Arm. A Hand on a Weapon or Shield is considered part of that Weapon or Shield.
  • Wording Change to rule 3.4.3
    • 3.4.3. Subsequent hits to the same location:
      • All subsequent strikes with Class 3 or 4 Weapon on the same Target Area previously injured only by a Class 3 or 4 Weapon are ignored.
      • All subsequent strikes to an Arm disabled by a Class 1 or 2 weapon pass through to the Torso.
      • All subsequent strikes to a Leg disabled by a Class 1 or 2 weapon are ignored.

National Events of 2006

People who were knighted in 2006

People who started fighting in 2006

Winter 2006

Spring 2006

Summer 2006

Fall 2006

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