Oktoberfest 2009

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Hosted by: Dark Guard
When: October 7th-11th, 2009
Location: Stonehouse Park, near Earlville, IL
Cost: $25 pre-reg, $30 at Troll


Probably the coldest Oktoberfest in years, commonly known as 'ButtFest' or 'Frostoberfest'.
Calarn the Black, Peter the Quick and Peregrine the Paladin were knighted.
Brooder became squired to Sir Beauregaurd.
Plithut and Rosie(?) barrelled into Hellhammer.
Salamander, Agnarr, Barley, Rose, and Jorel barrelled into Hydra
Gretchen snuck, punched and otherwise literally beat her way into the HoRdE! (Best non-com barrel evar!)

People Who Attended

About six or seven hundred crazy Belegrim who decided they didn't care about losing a toe or two.

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