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When: May 14-17, 2015
Where: Tosanak Recreational Area, Marble Rock, Iowa
Cost: $20
Autocrats: Rowan, Chiron
Attendance: like 100-ish? It was good-sized for Mel.

Why Q?

"But that doesn't make any sense," pinkies cry. "It can't be a letter!"
Monsters say, "Fuck you, we be tired of numbers an' bitchin' 'bout wich year it be. Letter be better. Numbers for elfies."


  • Boxing Tournament of Epicness - special thanks to all the audience members who donated freely of their duct tape
  • Goblyn Egg Hunt - special NOT thanks to Rowan for fucking it up and making the Goblyns even more irritated about having to be in the woods sober for 2 hours (love you Rowan :P)
  • Chili Cook-Off - don't remember who won, but thanks to all particpants for feeding the event on Friday!
  • Other boring, irrelevant tournaments that pinkies always host at events
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