Armageddon XVII

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Armageddon XVII aka Sunageddon

Theme: The Four Nations (and one poor Cabbage Guy)

June 6th - June 10th, 2018

Illinois State Campground
801 E Sangamon Ave
Springfield, IL 62702-1813

Pre-Registration: $30, $37 with t-shirt
$40 at Troll arriving Wednesday
$35 at Troll arriving Thursday
$30 at Troll arriving Friday
$25 at Troll arriving Saturday
Children 6-15: Half Price
Children under 5: Free

Final Attendance:345

Event Coordinators

Lead Event Coordinator: Black Betty

Site Coordinator: Squire Kracken of Minas Ithil
Head of Volunteers: Squire Smiley of Muxlovia and Rhaszel Uramora of Slums of Shaolin
Head of Troll: Telanar Hrafin of Beornve
Head of Security: Braizen of Hybrasil and Squire Var of Dragonspire
Head of Weapons Check: Sir Guts of Nightfort
Head Marshal (Day Fighting): Squire Talion of Morva
Head Marshal (Night Fighting): Angus of Beornve
Head of Classes: Guardsman Mynnix Youngblood of Tir Asleen
Head of Graphics/Design: Retainer Centi of Minas Ithil and Khadine Tonberry of Valley of Ashes
Head of Tournaments: Sir Tails of Morva
Head of Vendors: Ursyne of Beornve (Justin Forgie)
Head of Nightlife: Arky of Slums of Shaolin
Head of Hydration: Speedbump
Head of Feast (Friday): Mistress Petite of Maison de Soutiens and Bluff of Grond
Head of Feast (Saturday): Big Jimmy of Dunharrow


Refreshing Picnic Feast

Our Friday feast is brought to you by Mistress Petite of Maison de Soutiens and Bluff of Grond. Feast will consist of a build-your-own sandwich bar with a wide array of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and other toppings, along with homemade vegetarian broccoli cheese soup. A plethora of chip varieties and fresh watermelon and other summer fruits will round out the sides. The star of the show, however, is a delicious array of element-themed desserts created by the talented Apollonia and Trinity! Desserts include: Cinnamon cake with orange curd and ginger cream for the Fire Nation; Sparkling Vanilla, Blueberry, and cream for the Water Tribe; Chocolate Mint, Caramel, and cream for the Earth Kingdom; and Angel Food Cake with lemon curd, cream, and candied lemons for the Air Nomads!

Big Jimmy's Brisket Feast

The Saturday feast is brought to you by Big Jimmy and the Clan of the Hydra. Feast will consist of two types of slow-smoked brisket (traditional barbecue and cilantro lime), garlic mashed potatoes, macaroni salad and coleslaw.

Attendance by unit


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