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Hey, I was curious if you have an idea what can be done about the Current Events page, regarding Regional/Local Events. I haven't wanted to simply erase them, but Western Wars is the only event which has been updated this year, and most are still listing in 2007. I would just move W.W. to the top, but that would break the pattern (organized by months). Any thoughts? Rasheab 23:22, 6 September 2009 (EDT)

Hmm. The real problem is the fact that there are so many mini-events during the year I can't keep them all updated, especially when they aren't widely advertised on the boards. As for the page...many of them link to the general event page, not necessarily the one for that year. I could probably try to find the correct dates and then just delete the rest. Does that sound fair? ~Galya

Whos the other two parts of Clan Awesomesauce, just out of curiosity? - Brooder

Oh yeah. Um...I think it was Ju'Dekei and Drago. Jose made that up at Beltaine 'cuz we all did varying nice things for him during the event, like buy lunch for him or get him booze, etc. since he'd just lost his job and had like no money for anything. ~Galya

I DO remember that. Have I ever told you that you're like the nicest person in all of Belegarth? I don't think we should ever hang out again. I don't want that niceness to infect me, like, EVER. - Brooder. I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not. ~Galya

Nice catches on the Roman & Steve entries. I thought I fixed those ages ago. Rasheab

No problem, I was bored today and somehow ended up looking through your contribs list. That's how I found them, sorry. I don't suppose you wanted me to delete the "Nick" entry? I thought about it and decided not to without asking you first. ~Galya

Oh sure, feel free to delete the "Nick" entry. That's why I left the note that says "I'm done with this, you can have it if you like."  :) Rasheab

I was just curious: many of the names people upload into this wiki make me want to cry (most recent: Meow, Whats, and Redshirt. Oh yeah, those will strike fear into the hearts of many, and/or work as a name you can yell on a battlefield). As the "Nicest Person in Belegarth," do you ever have a similar reaction?

Lol, first off, only Brooder claimed that. It's certainly not a title or anything, and probably not completely true either. :)
But yeah, I get irritated with them too. Really, I usually just sigh loudly and mutter "stupid noobs" or something. It's incredible, some of the crap people come up with. But I let it be, 'cuz I assume they'll figure it out on their own eventually, or will be sorely abused at the next event they attend. Problem solved either way. ~Galya

"who I don't know, she was just awesomely helpful" What!? You're a girl!?  ; ) Rasheab

Shut up Rasheab. :P - Galya

Is there a "suggestions/discussion page for possible changes to the wiki?" Or is that what "Talk: Galya" is for?  :) - Me

Ha, I wish. If I had the ability to change/update the Wiki, particularly its security, you know I would in a heartbeat. Save me all the time deleting bots constantly. But no, there isn't that I'm aware of. This is under Derian's server now, so he's the one who can do big stuff like that. You'd have to take it up with him. And as you know, he's already pretty busy. I might shoot him a PM to see if he could do anything about the bots though. Is that what you were referring to? ~ Galya 15:32, 18 November 2011 (UTC)

Man, you know I'm -always- on the side of slowing the damn bots down. >_< BUT, in this case, my brainstorm was more along the lines of this. We know there are inactive realms (aka the people who appear once, post their info, and are never heard from again). However, they could be reformed, or could simply be insular people who don't get out much. So what do you think about a "Inactive Realm" tag? It could replace the "Realm" tag of groups we know aren't active any longer. That way there would be a record of a realm, but as-is there is nothing between having an dead realm on the realms list, and deleting the entry entirely. Rasheab

I'd be fine with that. If you'd like to go ahead and start changing the categories, have at it. You know how to create a page, categories are no different. ~Galya

Would you prefer the category be "Category:InactiveRealms", or "Category:InactiveGroups"? - Rasheab

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