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War Council decisions in 2012

This list includes all changes passed by War Council during the four voting periods of the year (March, June, September & December)

Officer Elections for the Next Year (2013)

No new officers were elected in 2012.

Book of War changes in 2012

Changes to 1.4.8. (Archery Restrictions)

  • All arrows must contain a penny, or solid metal blunt of an equivalent gauge and circumference, perpendicularly secured at the end of the shaft.
  • The arrowhead should not have excess axial or lateral movement and must be secured at the end of the shaft in such a way that they will not come off if firmly twisted or firmly pulled.

Additions to

  • All arrows using modular technology must create a semi-permanent connection point through the means of threaded screws, epoxy, glue, or strapping tape; the head must be secondarily secured at the end of the shaft with tape.
  • All arrows that are altered in any way during a day of combat will be treated as new arrows and must be rechecked as such before being put back into use.

By-Laws changes in 2012

Addition to Section 13 (Code of Ethical Guidelines):

  • 13.4. If a member has been found to be in violation of Article 13:
    • 13.4.1. In the case of any local or regional inter-realm event or any intra-realm event, at their sole discretion, the event coordinator(s) may take any action they deem appropriate and/or necessary including, but not limited to: removal from the field of play, ejection from the event, a semi-permanent or permanent ban.
    • 13.4.2. In the case of a national or international event funded and sponsored by BMCS, the event coordinator(s) may take any action they deem appropriate and/or necessary, up to a ban from all events funded and sponsored by BMCS for a period of one year beginning after the conclusion of the event in question.
    • 13.4.3. For any situation occurring at a Local or Regional inter-realm event that results in a punishment longer than the duration of the event in question (i.e. ejection from the event), the event coordinator(s) must submit to the War Council a description of the events and outcomes, the names of the involved persons as well as the actions taken by the event coordinator(s) within 90 days from the incident.
      • After receiving the report, the War Council can review and discuss the situation. If necessary, the event coordinator(s) should be ready to provide clarification or further evidence at the War Council's request. Based on this discussion, the War Council may issue warnings, suspensions or bans for events funded and run by the BMCS. The full discussion and conclusion shall be made publicly available for all realms to review and, at their discretion, impose their own restrictions.

Changes to Section 15 (Realms):

  • 15.3. Becoming a Speaking Realm.
    • 15.3.1. Meet all the criteria from section 15.2 with the following exceptions or additions.
    • 15.3.2. A speaking realm must submit their bylaws to BMCSWC at the time of being nominated for speaking rights. Failure to do so invalidates their nomination.
    • 15.3.3. A speaking realm must have been an active realm for a period of one calendar year before being nominated for speaking rights.
    • 15.3.4. Speaking realms are allowed two (2) representatives to the private War Council Forum. They may voice their realm's opinions, but may not make motions, or vote, on any business.
    • 15.3.5. An Officer of BMCS, and/or voting member of the BMCSWC must sponsor a new realm before they are granted a seat on the BMCSWC.
  • 15.4. Duties and responsibilities of a sponsor realm.
    • 15.4.1. Designate points of contacts for both the sponsor and sponsored realms.
    • 15.4.2. Exchange contact information including names, addresses, phone numbers, and email.
    • 15.4.3. Make an attempt to visit the sponsored realm practice or event at least once every six months.
    • 15.4.4. Once this is done, the sponsorship needs to be addressed by the BMCSWC and a vote taken. It will be a 2/3rds majority vote. Once passed, the new realm will have its speaking rights.
    • 15.4.5. Any voting realm may nominate any speaking realm for voting status as long as the requirements of 15.5 are met.
    • 15.4.6. A vote of 2/3rds majority is needed to move a realm from speaking status to voting status.
  • 15.5. Becoming a Voting Realm.
    • 15.5.1. Meet all the criteria from section 15.2 and 15.3 with the following exceptions or additions:
    • 15.5.2. A voting realm is considered in attendance at all online votes. Realms should always strive to NOT be non-respondents. Even if a realm plans to abstain, they should respond as such.
  • 15.6. Removal of a Realm:
    • 15.6.1. If for some reason a realm does not fulfill the requirements of section 15.2, 15.3, or 15.5 the BMCSWC shall remove the voting status of the realm in question.
    • 15.6.2. If a Realm knowingly violates local or federal law, the realm may lose voting rights by order of the BMCSWC.
    • 15.6.3. If a realm is dissolved, or states its wish to no longer be associated with the BMCS, the realm will forfeit its voting rights.
    • 15.6.4. A realm may voluntarily choose to reduce its status from voting to speaking rights. To regain its voting rights, it must follow the procedures in sections 15.2, 15.3 and 15.5 of this article.
    • 15.6.5. Voting rights may be removed if BMCSWC does not feel that a realm represents Belegarth in a positive manner. All votes to remove voting rights for any reason require a 2/3rds majority vote by BMCSWC.

National Events of 2012

People who were knighted in 2012

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