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Which faction will you choose?

A strange plague has befallen the land of Eriador. Humans and monsters alike have awoken to find themselves afflicted with all manner of abnormalities, from multiple hands to a torso mouth that only speaks French. The ruling council has called an emergency symposium to find the source and cure of these confounding maladies! They seek all manner of medical experts from plague doctors to swamp witches, alchemists to barbersurgeons. Which path will you take? Will you seek ancient majiks lost to time? Brew strange concoctions of corn slugs and goblin eyes? Just fill a big ol' bucket full of leeches? Or will you choose the path of quackery and malpractice like the charlatan you are? Will you find the cure or will that bioluminescent buttocks be a curse upon your bloodline for eternity? WELCOME TO THE PLAGUEGROUND! After a 3 year hiatus Melcaorme has returned to Tosanak! This year we'll be having an event long questline with both fighting and non-com quests. Completing these quests will get you currency to spend on prizes, food, and an auction on Saturday night!

Date: May 18th-21st, 2023
Location: Tosanak Recreational Area, Marble Rock, Iowa

  • Thursday: $35
  • Friday: $30
  • Saturday: $25
  • Day trip: $10
  • Children 15 and under: Free
  • $5 discount for Pre-Registration

Attendance: 144 (a new record!)

Event Coordinators

Event Head: Shrike
Heads of Weapons Check: Darvax, Vo
Heads of Troll: Mynnix, Qarok'si
Heads of Security: Vengar, Gnaugh
Heads of Nightlife: Falkus, Raxis
Heads of Heralding: Sylph, Braizen


  • Bardic Competition
  • Horde Casino Night
  • Snak Table and Prize Auction
  • Ghanima's Tent of Many Quests
  • All the random and amusing tournaments
  • and so much MORE!!!
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