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The Year That Wasn't


Event Information

Dates: July 23rd 2020 to July 26th 2020
Location: Chaos Wars Discord Server

Facebook Event Link: Chaos Wars 23.5
Facebook Group : I'm Going to Chaos Wars and so can you!
Website: Chaos Wars
Cost: FREE
Attendance: 133 Trolled In

Chaos Clothing

T-shirt and hoodie sales are open until August 31st! All proceeds go to fund the cost of the CW Storage unit for next year!

Event Coordinators

Event CEO: Dragoon Dopp
Event COO: Master Squire Antoinette

Head Event Coordinators

Squire Sin, Squire Hobbit

Schedule of Classes

  • Class Coordinator - Apprentice Laeyta

Please see the following link for a list of all online classes. The recorded classes will be available as part of the Guild Library:
Presentation of CW 23.5 Classes

Special Thanks to Sir Anastasia for the usage of her Zoom account!


  • Len Orkhide of the Western Uruk-Hai
  • Alex and Hali

Thank to these amazing people we were able to get all of our classes, bardic and pub night streamed on twitch, recorded up uploaded to the Chaos Wars YouTube channel!

Events and Competitions


Pub'n'Dub Night - With DJ Demox and DJ Aphex!

Bardic Night, hosted by Squire Skald and Sir Juggernaut


  • First Place: Master Sven the Apothecary, with his original song, The Night that Rumbeard went Missing
  • Second Place: Sparrow, with her dramatic retelling of Bilbo Slaying the Spider
  • Third Place: Avi with her song Prince Caspian (Translated from the Original Swedish)!


Project Runway - Winner: Master Sven!

Arts and Science Competition:


All entries can be viewed here: A&S Entries

Photo Gallery Display Competition:


All entries can be viewed here: Photo Gallery Entries

Thank you to everyone who came together during this trying time to make Chaos Wars happen again! See you in 2021!

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