Spring War 06

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Combat on the field

When: March 30th - April 2nd 2006
Location: Hidden Springs National Park
Attendance: 450 people
Ran by(Autocrats): Wolfpack Squires: Killian and Fox
Cost: $20.00 at troll



After a brief storm late thursday night into Friday morning Spring war 06 experienced excellent weather. Friday the temperature was actualy recorded at 77 F. It was a bright sunny day with participants extra cheerful after being scared by the nights storm. Despite the weather there were two major hickups, first off the storm left everything totaly drenched, especially the battlefield left swamplike in the southeast corner and had puddles of mud scattered just about everywhere on the field. The second hickup was many of the participants accidentaly parked in the wrong parking lot and the announcment that possibly dozens of cars might be towed was given about 30 minutes into the field battles for the day slightly delaying some of the larger battles for Friday. Battle raged on into the late afternoon and calmed down to it's usual trickle about an hour before dusk. At this point many of the participants retired to their camps for dinner and preperations for night time activities. Some participants got to see a large heat lightning storm develop to the south of the site that was a quite spectacular sight.

Wolfpack was generous to arrange a "main fire" pit with benches and plenty of wood. Drumming over the night seemed to migrate from the Horde camp to the Main fire pit to Clan Hydra/Uruk-hai camp as the night developed. Everyone was in a pretty cheery mood after the wonderful sunny weather.

Saturday was possibly one of the best possible fighting days a Spring Wars has ever seen. Semi-overcast and cloudy the day's high reached 73 F and there was no rain. The days battles were intense as battles get. During the second Unit battle later in the day a moment of silence was devoted to Canis_Nocturnis a member of Wolfpack who had passed away suddenly earlier in the year. On the battlefield, good field running and sharp eyes by the marshals eventualy tapped the fighters of the energy they had been bottling up all winter.

After the field cleaned up, Fox, Killian and several volunteers served an excellent feast free to the well over 400 participants. The Feast consisted of Steak, Chicken, Fried Potatoes, vegtables, curried fruit, bread, cheese, and drinks of water and orange lavaburst and the participants were able to eat on about 3 dozen picnic tables set up near the kitchen.

For the Saturday night life, there was a gladiator tournament planned but eventualy it was scrapped by the event coordinators because everyone was too tired from the days fighting to participate. Instead, night life resumed in many camps throughout the event site.






People who attended Spring War 06 by camp/realm:

Fox, Killian, Sorcia, Kyrian, Cyric, Assyria, Wraith, Nuri, Davit, Ui, Alinne, Digoza, Dante, Mygan, Animal, Morpheus, Anya, Freya, Colin, Sakura, Twitch, Krikit, Joyous, Dia, Brekfust, Eleece, Keiichi, Keiko, Drater, Tryn, Bloodnose, Torous, Hari, Raziel, Illian, Lysis, Neela, Pandora, Tobin, Skorr, Athena, Lorelei, Katina, Theros, Grimrot, Leod, Molok, Skyler, Physic, Polaris, Skada, Pryderi, Akalis

V-Hil, Angmarth, Bo, Thraka, Griffith, Bodhi, Spekkio, Zim, Madog, Helm, Morwen Steelsheen, Talic, Nix, Vorn, Ashling, Slug, Gudge, Kabibbles, Kayle, Sorbo, Chicken, X, Denara, Kahn, Mick, Rae, Ragnar, Peregrine, Orso, Toki, Caboose, Shroom, Jackal

Fergus, Wolf

Anthrax, Izareth, Jesus, Mordeth, Graavish, Slaug, Krieger, Koom, Rothgar, Vo'Kor, Umok, Eeach, Drago, Zzyzx, Ju'Dekei, Zi'Gor, Spike

Trevelyan, Moxk, Farrin, Jes, Tenchi, Jes, Pickles, Nemesis, Sai, Briar, Skydd, Discount, Xynix

Aldanius, Ixous, Dameon, Zenith, Mashiara, Beowulf, Jarvis, Drago Darkheart, Krimson, Darcrious, Ria, Marah, Ali, Lana, Kristy, Sam, Taverline, Dukker, Darius, Bosh

Arioch, Arky, Postal, troll, Yaktoo, shiv, thantan

* House Dregoth

Murdock Kronos, Lord Remus, Lady Renell Calmcacil, Psylocke, Bowen, Chance of Dregoth, Worm (first pure born House), Devaryn, Destinova, Eris, Magnus of Northlands (retired), Orjees Feelgood, Kia, Fowler, Shika, Cidion, Jade, Jaddeik, Gorem, Angel, Ahzure, Endor, Mermadak, Malek, Azrael, Dreevious, Alcock, Gredek, Danzig, Calarn the Black, Chibi, Tyrael, Tikiri, Luthien Dragondell,

Dhugal, Aroodo, Kelabeth, Leor, Chin, Paddy, Gravein, Gwamyr, Ikeno, Zaron, Rune, Nichtmar, Bam-Bam, Pookie, Alaric and 1 mundane chaperone

Macintosh, Talyn Zun, Mooner, Zoot, Rogue, Landorn

  • No camp - Day trippers

Kegg, Galin, Misti, Borric, Kenneth, Dagmar, Klawz, A'Layl

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