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Welcome to the Brotherhood of The Black Company. We are the last of the Free Companies hailing from Khatovar. Over four hundred years of history of fighting, blood shed and coups, we are the best. From one end of this world to the other we have marched and sold our services, we are hired swords with no family but our Company Brothers, we are a force to be recognized.

Even Water Sleeps, but Enemy Never Rests.

The attending Brothers of Rag '12

Current Black Company Roster:

  • Brothers:
  • Arkodo
  • Ashe
  • Azghareta (aka Bard) - Annalist
  • Debuenzo (aka Porno) - Illinois/Indiana Squad Leader
  • Draggeron - Medic
  • Olos
  • Severian - Ohio Squad Leader
  • Talious
  • Talus - Capitan, Missouri Squad Leader

  • Retired Brothers:
  • Arcturus - Standard Bearer; Medic
  • Aratus
  • Fergus - Founder
  • Ulrich
  • Wolf - Annalist
  • Xavier- Founder
  • Yi - Company Chaplain

  • Petitioners:
  • Ashurbanipal - First Petitioner
  • Arthus
  • Bean
  • Ehlanna - Stationed out of the area w/ U.S. Navy
  • Fireball
  • Thaedon

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