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Joyous at Spring War 2006

Real Name: Tim Longfellow

Fighting Since: 2005

Original Realm: Wolfpack of the High Plains

Current Realm: Wolfpack of the High Plains

Weapon(s) of Choice: Glaive, Bow, Ball and Wall

Fighting Unit(s): The House of Harp, Brotherhood of the Falcon

Wolfpack Scribe '06, '07

Wolfpack Warlord '07

Best New Fighter '06 (Wolfpack)

Mongolian Wrestling Champion Melcaorme '06 (that's right, I beat Ahki and Jesus)

Tied with Postal in Gorlock Soup Eating Contest (6 Bowls and fixins)

Other Aliases:

  • Pancake to the Gypsies
  • Gypsy Cabana Boy (She'prala)
  • Big Mountain Dorky to the Goblins

Events Attended:

*Event Coordinator

"Gory at thasp, keener fortha karabd"

  • "Laugh at death, but weep for those who die before their time."

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